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Gatsby Project- Fashion

No description

Catherine Chung

on 9 June 2013

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Transcript of Gatsby Project- Fashion

Fashion Trends in the 1920s Men's Fashion Korie Almanza
Sara Canzano
Catherine Chung Clothes are more than just a fashion statement. The emergence of youth and rebellion reflected during the 1920s changed the way men and women dressed to define themselves. This suggests that clothes are not only for show but an indicator of revolutionary cultural and political changes Uni-T 1920s was the year of the SLUT just kidding
... kind of Men began to rebel against the traditional attire and began to switch it up.

-The desires to be different from their ancestors after World War I led the charge of the change

-Attitudes changed in young men and the outcome of the war leveled out the classes so a new sense of affordable fashion developed From Business Wear to Casual Casual -Men no longer wear Edwardian suits and have to change during the day

-Pants are baggy at the sides and suits are slim and simple

-Vibrant colors and patterns to reflect more youthful and boyish look
-Also reflects, music, theater, good times The Historical Background The 19th Amendment World War 1 * Uniforms Sports Influence Walter Hagen Bobby Jones Red Grange Plus Pants: how far the pants fell below the knee before secured around the leg area Trousers The Automobile boom shaka-laka hell yea 'murica eyyyy sexy lady Jazz/Flappers Hollywood! :D when I grow up they see me rollin' they hatin' It's all about the gams Women's Fashion! Jewelry and Shoes Symington Side Lacer Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, and countless others These magazines exposed women to a new shift in fashion. Mass production and standard sizes allowed for clothes to be more affordable and quickly helped spread the boyish look that younger women were embracing. *Nylon, rolled down, naughty school girl, rouged with blush
A newspaper from the time remarked, “One hears it said that the girls are actually tempting the boys more than the boys do the girls, by their dress and conversation…" Key Features

-Front Crease
-Cuffs Added
-Oxford Bags
-Two-tone shoe Felt Fedora Knickerbockers Panama Straw Jazz Clothing -Tight suit
-Long jacket
-Black vents on waist if long
-Buttons close together
-Wing tip shoes Tweed Hats Vented Driving Gloves Charles Lindbergh -Made the leather aviator jacket a popular choice
-Typically worn with white silk scarf Gray Flannel Pants (Grayers) London was the Center of Men's Fashion Factors that Helped Fashion Prosperous economy Catalogs made shopping easy and more convenient than ever Short and loose to match active lifestyle. Women were freed from the stuffiness of their homes and old attire. King Tut's tomb discovery in the 1920s sparked a sense of curiosity for the exotic; encouraged youth to explore T-bar shoes were popular because they made it possible to dance the Charleston without having them poke someone's eye out! Small chested women had no difficulty taping down their breasts but bigger chested women often had to resort to this death trap. A New Woman Women no longer limited themselves to the boundaries set by men and their elders.
It was the younger women who embraced this fashion change, because older women were trapped in their conservative views.
Women were equal to men in the sense that they had the right to vote with the passing of the 19th Amendment, but were still not seen as equals in society. They dressed boyishly to physically declare their equality to men. wow~ fantastic baby Fashion before the 1920s she wears short skirts I wear long dresses judging your short skirt. what is ankle Designers G-L-A-M-O-R-O-U-S dem diamonds are a girl's best homie Reimagined Thesis The emergence of a changing culture as reflected by the new styles of dance in music that arose from the 1920s, supported the creation of a lighter and freer style of fashion. This suggests that one product of society cannot solely exist without the assistance of another. Influence from Silent Films Clara Bow was an actress who grew up in poverty and often exhibited the recklessness women embraced at the time; for this she became a fashion icon.
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