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Air Force K9 Handler

No description

Briana Juarezz

on 19 January 2014

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Transcript of Air Force K9 Handler

Air Force K9 Handler
The Reason i would like to
be an Air Force K9 handler are:
1) I get to work with dogs
2) It makes good pay
3) I get to be in the Air Force
K9 handlers usually make 50,000
to 80,000 depending on your rank
By: Briana Juarez
The Taining for needed to be a K9 handler is to go through
Air Force bootcamp and rank up, K9's
aren't assigned to their handler immediately, it take a couple
of years to become one.
The skills, qualities and talents that are required for this career are loyalty, dominance and bravery. Being brave is an obvious for armed forces and loyalty and dominance are required to be able to control your K9.
This career will allow me to personally connect with the dog and travel the world, my K9 will be my family while I'm away from home.
The stability of this career is high because K9 officers will always be needed.
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