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"All Summer in a Day"

No description

Ray Bradbury

on 23 January 2014

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Transcript of "All Summer in a Day"

Exposition - On Venus, constant rain.

Rising Action - The children Bully Margot, and deny what she says.

Climax - The sun comes out.

Falling Action - Sun disappears.

Resolution - They let her out of the closet.
Point of view
Third person omniscient

- On the Planet Venus

- Where it is raining for
seven years until the
comes out for one hour
Man vs. Society
“And so, the children hated her for all these
reasons of big and little consequence. They
hated her pale snow face, her waiting silence,
her thinness, and her possible future.” (Bradbury 209)
Literary Devices
Literary Devices
She was an old photograph dusted from an album, whitened away, and if she spoke at all her voice would be a ghost
" (Bradbury 209) - metaphor.
"All Summer in a Day"
Frey tag Pyramid
Ray Bradbury
Adnan, Amelia, Sonja
The children pressed to each other like so many roses, so many weeds, intermixed, peering out for a look at the hidden sun
" (Bradbury 208) - simile.

Literary devices
“All these reasons of big and little consequence. They hated her pale snow face, her waiting silence, her thinness and her possible future….” (Bradbury 209)
Direct characterization
Indirect characterization
Direct Characterization
“A very frail girl who looked as if she had been lost in the rain for years and the rain had washed out the blue from her eyes and the red from her mouth and the yellow from her hair.” (Bradbury 209)
“An old photograph dusted from an album, whitened away, and if she spoke at all her voice
would be a ghost.” (Bradbury 209)
Indirect Characterization
- Mostly indirect characterization

- How the other kids treat Margot

- Indicating her social status
1. How do you think the children will treat Margot after they let her out of the closet?

2. How would you spend your one hour of sunlight every seven years? Explain

3. According to the story, Margot doesn’t have any friends because other children are jealous that she knows and remembers how the sun looks like. Do you think it is better to remember a wonderful experience than never have had the experience at all?

- Plot Overview & Freytag Pyramid -

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- Analysis -

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- Literary Devices -

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The children -
symbolize the
The sun -
people are sometimes cruel to one another due to jealousy
Literary Devices
"They were all nine years old, and if there had been a day, even years ago, when
the sun came out for an hour and showed its face to the stunned world
." (Bradbury 208) - personification.
Literary Devices
"Then they closed the door and heard the gigantic sound of the rain falling in tons and avalanches, everywhere and forever." (Bradbury 212) - hyperbole.
". . .the biggest crime of all was that she had come here only five years ago from Earth, and she remembered the sun and the way the sun was and the sky was when she was four in Ohio. And they, they had been on Venus all their lives, and they had been only two years old when last the sun came out and had long since forgotten the color and heat of it and the way it really was. But Margot remembered."
Man vs Man
"What're you looking at?" said William.

Margot said nothing. "Speak when you're

spoken to." He gave her a shove. But she did

not move; rather she let herself by moved only

by him and nothing else.
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