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Michael Morgan

on 12 February 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Aircraft Carriers By: Michael Morgan and Edward Johnson How did they affect World War 2? Aircraft carriers held a huge role in world war 2.
Served as an oasis in the middle of the ocean for allied planes to land and refuel and proceed with their tasks.
Allowed those nations to project air power over greater distances then could be done using only land based planes
Without the carriers, the United States could not hold the Japanese in the pacific
Serving as an Oasis Most important to the Pacific front, the carrier allowed air power to be stretched beyond the reach of fixed bases
Aircraft technology of the time wasn't advanced enough to make a trip across the Atlantic or Pacific Ocean
Planes could fly and land on the carrier for fuel and take off again, serving as a mini air base in the middle of the ocean

Without them the war in the Pacific could have easily been lost due to the struggle to hold the Japanese.
Planes couldn't make the trip across the Pacific or Atlantic so they made a checkpoint and refueled.
It would have been more sluggish and our freedom could be in Jeopardy.

Without Them The Warfare in itself Aircraft carrier warfare proved to be more successful than battle ships and cruisers
Cruised near coasts and enemy's and unleashed a fleet of Aircraft to shred and destroy enemy ships and citys.
Showed how easy it was to fight the enemy on offense
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