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The Revenge of the Bees

A storymap of 'The Revenge of the Bees' composition

Jena Heng

on 19 May 2011

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Transcript of The Revenge of the Bees

Characters Introduction Beginning with one
of the five introductions Character Description John was an impulsive and mischievous boy who always had tricks up his sleeves. John, Jane, Tim Jane was a kind-hearted but timid girl who had a phobia for bees. Tim was a plump and lazy boy who loves to eat a lot of food. He only eats and sleeps all day long. He seldom hangs out with his friends. Setting Bedok reservior,
school holidays
and they were
there for a picnic. Pre-actions/Events Smell:Sweet scent of nectar from the hibiscus growing near them. Felt:Energised and enveloped in a calm and serene natural environment. Heard:There were birds chirping, rustling of leaves and the bees buzzing. What they heard, smelt, felt What were they doing? They had played catch for hours and they decided to take a rest under a shady tree. Why was John looking up at the tree? John was observing the behaviour of a squirrel scurrying around looking for food. It then scurried up the shady tree and into a hole, which was most likely his home. Lo and behold! A gigantic and majestic beehive was hung on one of the strong branch of the tree. There were bees buzzing around it. Development 1 Did anyone stop him? Where there any warnings given? Jane warned John not to throw the stick at the beehive as it might cause the bees to get disturbed, and the bees may attack him. Tim sat under the tree and said that if he throws the stick, they will not be friends with each other anymore. Why did John throw a stick at the beehive? John saw a beehive hanging on a tree branch, and was curious on what will happen when bees are disturbed. Being crafty and mischievous, he threw the stick at the beehive and stood under the tree to wait for the bees. How did Jane and Tim react? Upon looking at John throwing the stick at the beehive, they quickly ran away, feeling shocked. What was the reaction of the bees? The bees buzzed out annoyed, and furiously flew towards John. Problem What was the problem? The angry bees stung John on his butt, and soon chased after Tim and Jane. How did the characters react at first? John, Jane and Tim ran around the reservior, panicked and soon saw a pond. What did they do next? John, Jane and Tim quickly jumped into the pond, and tried to hold their breath underwater. Development 2 What happened next? The bees soon flew away back into their hive, while John, Jane and Tim frightenly crawled out of the muddy pond. Jane pointed an accusing finger at John for not being more vigilant. Tim told John that he would not share his toys with him, and they would also not be friends anymore, as John started the whole of this `Bee incident'. What did John do? John hung his head low in shame, and apologised to Jane and Tim for the trouble he had created, and the injuries that he had created. Ending One of the five conclusions John greatly regretted for what he had done. He decided that he would be more vigilant by thinking before doing things. How was he supposed to answer to his parents, Jane's and Tim's parents when they asked what happened? Have you ever done something like disturbing animals or insects? Read this story and find out what is going to happen!
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