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My personal learning environment

No description

Verity Hammond

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of My personal learning environment

This is me Every day I use the good ol'
world wide web
(I'm at Leeds uni) ...and to increase my knowledge
of whats going on in the big outside world! When it comes to uni stuff my most
useful tool is definitely the Portal Using my uni username I can access my... webmail and check my timetable which is very useful when you have a memory like a It also allows me to access the VLE, not that I ever have to of course! Which gives a lot of handy
information and allows me
to catch up on lecture notes! Like nearly every other human being on the planet I also use.. ...the world's favourite search engine, with over a billion pages to choose from, you can find almost anything! Over time I have discovered loads of useful pages Like wikipedia...its a great source of information The only down side is that because it's a wiki,
anyone can edit it, so it can't always be trusted! With its massive database of journals and articles is great for educational videos if you can avoid getting distracted... Of course learning isn't all about the academic side.. so I always make sure I get my daily fix So there you have it..that was, or is, my... Personal Learning Environment to aid me in my revision... Everyone loves a bit of gossip! this website has proved an invaluable tool
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