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The Lost city of Atlantis

No description

Rhea M.

on 19 May 2014

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Transcript of The Lost city of Atlantis

The Atlanteans
The people of Atlantis were referred to as Atlanteans. They were healthy, peaceful, people. The Atlanteans were believed to be an alien and they were much taller than today's people. For them, the average age was 800. All Atlanteans were believed to be able to control the weather and perform hurricanes and tornadoes for their pleasure. Some people were brilliant engineers and architects. Plato, a greek philosopher, was a brilliant writer. He just loved the way that Poseidon built the city. Plato wanted to write about all the architecture and designs so people today could read about them. One of the things that was believed about Pato was that he wanted to write a 3 book trilogy, but only got to write 1 due to the disappearance of the city.
The Architecture of Atlantis
What exactly is Atlantis?
Atlantis is the name of an ancient island that existed over 1,100 years ago in 9000 BC. The city was believed to be swallowed by the sea around 1600 BC. Scientists and researchers have tried to look for the city, but failed every time. Ever since then, the city has been long lost and no one has been able to find it.
The Lost city of Atlantis has left people curious for many years now. But why do people want to look for it? We don't have any proof that it even existed. Articles and books talk about things that people fantasize about. The beautiful architecture, a palace made of pure gold, and lots and lots of space. This is why we still continue the search for Atlantis today.
Atlantis before it sunk
By: Rhea Mucherla
Atlantis was as big as Asia and Libya combined! It was pretty big! This is because they needed lots of land and room.The capital city was built on a hill, then surrounded by rings of water. The city had incredible architecture. It was made of a series of concentric circles (a target shape) and rings of water. There were tunnels that were big enough to let ships go through. The walls were mostly red,white,and black rock. A great gold and silver palace called the "Captivian Palace" towers above the land. Gates and towers guarded every entrance to the city. people grew all kinds of herbs and fruit in their houses that were made mostly from pure ivory. There were lots of canals and bridges used for transportation. Some of the rich Atlantiens had houses made of pure silver or pure gold. The city of Atlantis was dazzling and had lots of natural beauty.

There were violent earthquakes and floods that ruined some of the cities most beloved beauties such as: Poseidon's palace made of pure solid gold ( which was again rebuilt by his sons), and the great wall of Atlantis ( it was built across the whole city and was also rebuilt). These structures were loved by the people and it was tragic to lose them.
The Lost city of Atlantis
Here is a picture of what the architecture of Atlantis was believed to look like

Why do we still search for this city today?
The past and History of Atlantis
Atlantis was believed to be built by Poseidon, god of the sea. The story goes that Poseidon built the city when he fell in love with a mortal woman named Cleito. After they got married, Cleito had five sets of twin boys. The ten sons inherited the city and ruled over it. The sons built a palace made of solid gold and put a statue in the palace to honor Poseidon. After that, the people of Atlantis thought of Poseidon as a symbol of power and kingship.

The Atlanteans were very happy with the place they were living in. But unfortunately, they were believed to become greedy and want more power. The Atlanteans were then hated by other cities because of their attitude. The people became so greedy they declared war with other people (such as the Athenians (Athens) who lived in Greece) so that they could steal their gold and precious jewels. But their army was defeated by the Athens so the Athens and the Atlanteans were enemies.

After they're war with the Athens, there were violent earthquakes and floods. In 1600 BC Atlantis was believed to be swallowed by the sea. Some people think it might have disappeared because of either a tsunami, earthquake, flood, or volcano. Many philosophers believe that the gods punished the Atlanteans beacause of their arrogance and greed. Some philosophers believe that Plato was telling a story so that Greeks would learn from Atlantis and not be greedy.

The Lost city of Atlantis has been a mystery till' today. No one has been able to find it and no one can prove that it is real.

Plato- an ancient greek philosopher

Poseidon- god of the sea

Atlanteans- the people of atlantis

Cleito- Poseidon's wife

Solon- Poseidon's son

Atlas- Poseidon's son

Arrogance- exaggeration of someone's abilities











Book source:

Atlantis, the Lost Empire by Gavin Menzies
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