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Elementary Art: Kindergarten

I'm teaching the basic steps on how to draw a house

Uniqua Hall

on 16 October 2012

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Transcript of Elementary Art: Kindergarten

Basic steps on
how to draw
a house Something we learn
in Kindergarten Step One: Draw the body Step Two: Create the roof Step Three: Draw windows Draw a square Hint: Draw in box: Hint: Draw a triangle on top of the square Draw in box: Use squares for your windows
Place them inside the rectangle Hint: Draw in box: Step Four: Draw a door Draw a vertical rectangle
Place it in the center below the windows Hint: Draw in box: Step Five: Draw a background Hint: Be creative
Draw what you imagine Trees Flowers Draw in box: and Video of a little girl drawing a house Introduction Good afternoon class today we are going to learn how to draw a house using basic shapes. Basic shapes like squares, triangles, rectangles and even circles which we will use for our trees and flowers. To draw a house, we will need our counting powers. So lets turn on our thinking bulbs and draw a house. Before we begin drawing our house we need to understand the basic shapes of a house. There's a big square for the body, 2 or more small squares for the windows, a rectangle for the door, and a big triangle for the roof. Here's what each shape looks like: Triangle Square Rectangle Notes: Point to whatever explaining or talking about as I do it. Point to the objects as I explain them. Make eye contact. Give graphic organizer with one box to draw in. Explain to them that this is a whole image and not in separate parts. Put hints on the graphic organizer as well.
Can also use as a math lesson by counting the number of sides and how many of each or altogether... Notice how the rectangle is longer than the square. Now that we understand the basic shapes and what they are used for, it's time to draw a house. Moving On Circle Congrats on your first house
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