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Copy of Smart Parking Grid Business Model Canvas

No description

Helmy Bedair

on 20 February 2014

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Transcript of Copy of Smart Parking Grid Business Model Canvas

Key Activities
Key Resources
Key Partners
Cost Structure
Revenue Streams
Customer Segments
Smart Parking Grid Business Model Canvas
Daniel Bernier
Brett Chambers
Jeanine Gordon
Jonathan Levin

Elevator Pitch
For residents of Boston, who park downtown, have trouble finding metered parking spots, and frequently find themselves without change, the Smart Parking Grid is an infrastructure change to the city of Boston along with a mobile application that alerts residents where open parking spots are and allows them to pay meters with credit cards or bank accounts through their mobile phones instead of change. Unlike residents who live in cities with traditional, change-only parking meters, residents of Boston will experience an improved quality of life in that they will be able to easier find parking spots in the city and enjoy the convenience of paying with their mobile phones.
Value Proposition
End Users
Increases quality of life

Improves visitor experience

More efficient use of available parking

Allows easier monitoring of illegal parking
Helps find available parking

Reduces stress

Simplifies payment

Avoids meter expiration
End Users
Boston Department of Transportation

Boston Police

Boston Department of Revenue
Residents of Boston

Visitors of Boston

Employees working in Boston
Parking Meters (ways to pay, Apps Etc)
Parking Meter Website
City of Boston Adverts/Website
Reports to City of Boston
Parking Meter Website
App Store, Android Marketplace
- Software Development: (App, Website & Server)
- Hardware Manufacturing: (Meters, Contracted)
- Personnel Costs: (Sales, Engineering, Management)
- Marketing Costs: (Advertising)
- Office Space & Infrastructure: (Servers, etc)
- App fee ("freemium" model)
- Reservation usage fees
- Premium usage fees
- Smart Meter Hardware Sales

City of Boston
Meter Manufacturer
Google Map/Garmin/etc
Application Developer
Cloud Computing Vendor
Cell Phone Providers
Platform management
Data Collection
Reports (Boston)
Meter Enforcement
Main Website Tutorials
Appliation Interface
Phone Interface
Customer Relationships
Tech Support
Intellectual Property
Human Resources
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