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01.03 Citizens in Action: Assessment

No description

Sierra Porter

on 31 August 2016

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Transcript of 01.03 Citizens in Action: Assessment

01.03 Citizens in Action: Assessment
How the person influenced change
The reason I am writing to you is in regards of a national holiday for Ida B. Wells. She was an African American sociologist, newspaper editor, journalist, a civil rights activist along with other things. Wells longed to change the way African Americans were treated. She wanted the public to know the about the failure of equality in their eyes. Later, in 1889, Wells became a part owner of "The Free Speech and Headlight", a Memphis newspaper. Wells felt lead to write of women’s rights, anti-lynching, African American treatment as well as segregation. Wells life showed many that by taking part in the government individuals are able to help influence decisions in administration and legal divisions. Wells also is known for creating the suffrage club, it was for African American women in Illinois.
Why the person deserves a national holiday? How society is different because of the person's work? How you and others living today benefit from his or her efforts?
Why civic and political participation is important
Dear Mr. President,
I believe that Civic and political participation is very important for the United States so that our government, as well as our society, can stay properly functioning. If the majority of people of our nation are ignoring their civic responsibilities and aren't striving to make important decisions, that leaves few who are doing what they should. We should see it as our duty as a US citizen to ensure the rights we have and have some type of interest and knowledge of politics. Finally, its important to have civic and political participation in our country in order for peoples voices to be heard and for people to stop being afraid to fight for justice.

What issues or events motivated the person to action
Wells bought a first class train ticket from Memphis to Nashville, but was not able to ride in the first class section on the train. This happen because when crew members tried to move her to the African American car, she refused. Wells then chose to sue the railroad. She ended up winning $500 settlement in a circuit court case. Even though she won the decision ended up being overturned by the Tennessee Supreme Court. Wells was also made to pay the court cost. This inspired Wells to speak to people and tell them to stand up for what is right. Because of this she then began her journalism career. She also started an anti-lynching crusade after a friend of hers, Thomas Moss, was lynched.
We need to have a nation holiday for Ida B. Wells, for her great works and efforts to make this country better for everyone. She has contributed to today's society in improving the way African Americans are treated and inspiring people to allow women to vote. She encouraged people to stand up for what they know is right and to treat people equally no matter their color or gender.

Sierra Porter
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