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Shakespeare's Life

The life of William Shakespeare.

Ravi Patel

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Shakespeare's Life

1564: William Shakespeare was born on April 26th in Stratford upon Avon. 1582: Shakespeare marries the considerably older Anne Hathaway at age 18 on November 27th. 1585: Judith and Hamnet, Shakespeare's sons, are born on February 2 as twins. 1598-99: William writes the play Much Ado About Nothing in tis year. 1600-1601: Shakespeare writes his greatest play, Hamlet. 1604: Measure for Measure is believed to have been written in this year. It is later performed at King James 1 Court. Othello is also penned, being performed on November the 1st at Whitehall. 1607: Hamlet and Richard 111 are performed aboard the British ship Dragon off the west coast of Africa at Sierra Leone. 1610: Othello is perfomed at Oxford College by the King's Men during a summer tour. 1613: The Globe Theatre burns to the ground. The Two Noble Kinsmen is penned. 1616: William dies on April 23rd, his burial being recorded in the Stratford Holy Church Register two days later.
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