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Summary Reminder Phrases and Reporting Verbs

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el dehghan

on 6 May 2018

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Transcript of Summary Reminder Phrases and Reporting Verbs

Why Summarizing?
Ready to Write?
Remember that you are expected to use Summary reminder phrases and reporting verbs when developing your summaries.
Remember that your summaries ( if not a One-sentence summary) need to have a correct paragraph organization format (i.e. topic sentence, supports, concluding sentence.
If you need to use the author's exact words put them in " quotation marks" and cite them.
Do not add your personal opinions unless you are required to write an interpretive summary.
Useful Summary Reminder Phrase and Reporting Verbs
Summarizing Techniques:
Skim the text you are going to summarize
Divide the text into different sections
Pay attention to headings and subheading (if available)
Read the resource thoroughly using your cognitive strategies handout
Look for main idea and details that
support the main idea( remember that you don't want to be too specific)
Create a visual of what your summary will look like using notes you have taken for your Cognitive strategies handout .

Gathered by: E.Dehghan
Summary Reminder Phrases and Reporting Verbs
Summarizing helps students to.....
determine the essential ideas
consolidate important details that support the main idea
Identify irrelevant or unnecessary details
demonstrate their understanding of the given content.
It is believed that Michealangelo have created David by "taking a block of marble and cutting away everything that was not David."
For practice: How could you improve the following summary by adding reminder phrases? Where would you put these phrases?

According to Bradley (2012), meetings tourism refers to “travel associated with attendance at a corporate or association meeting, conference, or public trade exhibition” (p. 6). The meetings tourism market has become increasingly important to cities that once depended on heavy industry for their economic strength. Interest in meetings tourism has grown for three main reasons. First, the average meetings tourist spends two to three more money than the typical vacation tourist does. Second, meetings tourism can create jobs in the local economy. Finally, meetings tourism may lead to cities receiving a “facelift” with landscapes being improved and city centers being revitalized, which may in turn improve civic pride. City improvements may also encourage meetings tourists to return to a host city at a future date for business, pleasure, or even a change in residence.

Adapted from: Swales & Feak, Academic writing for graduate students (2nd ed.) by Ilka Kostka
References :

Mollom privacy policy. (n.d.). Summarizing. Retrieved September 21, 2016, from http://www.readingrockets.org/strategies/summarizing

Paulo Freire, The “Banking” Concept of Education, Ways of Reading, (Boston,1996), p.212-223.
More Tips :
Make notes of the main points and supporting points (not supporting examples or details). Remember to use your own words so that you can paraphrase and avoid plagiarism.

Write the summary using your notes. Make sure you do not add anything which does not appear in the original (e.g. your own comments).
Check the summary to make sure you have covered all the main points. Make sure you have included a reference to the source.
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