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graduation project

No description

mu'ath lahlabat

on 16 December 2015

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Transcript of graduation project

Home automation
What is home automation
Project's block diagram
Business Plan
Future Work
Android application on smart phone
Wireless access point (Router)
Ethernet module
XBee module
XBee module (receivers)
Wired connection to end devices
What is Home Automation
Control home appliances and features.
Range from simple remote control of lighting through to complex computer/micro-controller based networks.
Examples of home automation
1)Make our home under control.
2)Reduce time & effort and make the home more secure.
3)Give handicapped people ability to serve themselves by themselves.
4)Reduce the energy bills considerably.
5)Eliminate the use of wires and reduce the installation costs.
Android Programming
We need a development environment to write and build applications.
is a very popular development environment (IDE) for Java and the preferred IDE for Android development.
Android SDK
(Software development kit).
User Authentication Layout
A router is a device used to direct traffic flow between local computers networked together, either via Ethernet cabling, or through radio wave technology. A network that uses Ethernet cabling is referred to as a hard-wired network, while radio wave networks are called wireless networks.
Access Point
Allows an Arduino board to connect to the internet.

Based on the Wiznet W5100 Ethernet chip providing a network (IP) stack.

Supports up to four simultaneous socket connections.

Use the Ethernet library in the Arduino environment to write sketches.

Fast Ethernet or 100BASE-T which used twisted pair as a shared medium.

Provides transmission speeds up to 100 megabits per second.

Typically used for local area networks (LANs).
What is Ethernet 802.3
What is XBEE?
wireless point-to-point and point-to-multipoint communications at baud rates of 250 Kbit/s.

Use the
IEEE 802.15.4/ZigBee
networking protocols for fast point-to-multipoint or peer-to-peer or mesh networking.
The IEEE 802.15.4 specification augments the opportunities for smooth coexistence by dividing the 2.4 GHz band into 16 non-overlapping channels, which are 2-MHz wide and 5 MHz apart bellow.
Thank you
As shown above , three of these channels (15, 20, 25) fall between the often-used and non-overlapping 802.11b/g channels (1, 6, 11).
Recognize the
that we will need .

learned how to program


Read many topics in addition to the data sheet on how to connect the
and do mesh network.
In the practical side and despite significant delay in the arrival of the electronic parts that we needed in our project, we have done the following:

1-we were started in the latest part of our project procedure ,which is from the microcontroller to the end devices ,so we
configure tow Xbee
to communicate with each other wirelessly and design
simple circuit
which contain switches and lambs ,then we wrote an Arduino code to turn the lambs on &off.
Practical side

2-we wrote
simple Android application
that consist from simple layout that we will need, in this layout we divide our home into 1st floor & 2nd floor & each floor consist from many rooms like living room ,kitchen ,..etc.
and becuase the latency in arrival of needed components we cant send commands to the micro controller.
We divide our project into three main parts:

Android application (Transmitter).

Core circuit (Micro controller).

Wireless communication to end devices.(X-BEE)
Control Layout
Why Arduino Uno
Programming Arduino
Open-source IDE (integrated development environments) can be downloaded for free.

Arduino structuer:
- Setup fun
Loop fun
ere we will try to build
(personal Area Network )
and use mesh network configuration ,this configuration supported by Xbee s2 that we used .
We use this configuration in order to
increase the releability
of the network , avoid link fuiler problem by using redundant paths to reach dist & we can put the whole home under one mode like turn central heating system as example.
Ethernet Module
Ethernet Module
Allows an
Arduino board
to connect to the internet.

It is based on the
Wiznet W5100
Ethernet chip providing a network (IP) stack

Use the
Ethernet library
in the Arduino environment to write sketches.
What is Ethernet 802.3
A local area network (
)technology used twisted pair as a shared medium.
Fast Ethernet Provides transmission speeds up to 100 megabits per second.
There are updated versions of 802.3 like 802.3bg support speeds up to
40 Gbps.
Ethernet Used Carrier sense multiple access with collision detection (
) as an access scheme.
Start Layout
Programming Arduino
Configuring Arduino as server
Digital / Analog IO
-Light lamps ,open and close a shutter.
-PWM to control DC motor which is connected with Fan.
-Temp sensor , LDR sensor .
-API Frames.
XBee Programming
The First XBEE
is connected with Arduino and configured as a ZigBee Coordinator using the API firmware.
Remote AT Command
Business Plan
The Second XBEE
is used stand-alone to control some things far and configured as a ZigBee Router AT using the AT firmware
MainActivity. Java
ActiveLayout. Java
Pass. Java
ShakeDetector. Java
Block Diagram Overview
The command transmitted to the access point using the build-in Wi-Fi module in smart phone which supports 802.11 a\b\g.

The command that send out from smart phone has specific data and signaling information, the data is what the action of the command will be, like light on. On the other hand signaling will be specific source and destination IP.

When the TP-Link access point receive the commands which transmitted from the smart phone, it routes the transmitted commands to the Ethernet port which is connected to the programmed Arduino microcontroller through Ethernet shield

Then the microcontroller transmits the command wirelessly by ZigBee for far destinations and the destinations that we can't connect it by copper wire because we don’t need to affect on the infrastructure of the home.

Feedback from specific destinations is sent to the smart phone to tell us that the action is done or not.

We also use sensors to read some environment states such as temp reading, humidity …etc.
MainActivity.Java: Making the first layout which contains a photo , start button , about us button and exit button.

Pass.Java: For security the user must enter username and password to access the main layout to control and automate some devices in a house.

ShakeDetector.Java: This class does something when we shake the android mobile.

Tabs.Java: Separation the main layout into two tabs (Indoor &Outdoor).

ActiveLayout.java: The main layout of our application which contains buttons to ON and OFF such devices, OPEN and CLOSE a Shutter & Garage and Get some sensors data.

Main window : contains application's start-button ,programmer-information button and exit button.

User authentication window : to enter username and password .

Control window : contain two taps which are indoor and outdoor .

The Team
Mu'ath Lahlabat
Hussam Malhis
Ahmad Dweikat
+972598900377 , muath.lahlabat@gmail.com

For Network Redundancy
Why we use X-bee
Using API mode it is possible to send commands from a transmitting radio to a receiving radio. This allows for module parameter registers on a remote device to be queried or set..

One useful application of this feature is to toggle an I/O on a remote radio from a high to a low state. In this manner the radios can be used as a wireless relay to control a wide variety of remote devices.

We Created two remote AT command (type 0x17) frames paying close attention to the structure of this frame as outlined in the API section of the Product manual.
for building these frames we use this software

Here are two frames configured for the address of our radios. Our packets will contain the address of our remote radio and the checksum will need to be recalculated.

we have chosen to toggle DIO1 as it is connected to LED.
Frame to set DIO1 high:
7E 00 10 17 05 00 13 A2 00 40 69 57 DB FF FE 02 44 31 05 DA
Frame to set DIO1 Low:
7E 00 10 17 05 00 13 A2 00 40 69 57 DB FF FE 02 44 31 04 DB
For Example
Here is the structure
of the frame
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