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No description

Grace Pigford

on 6 March 2013

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Transcript of Softball:)

Softball By: Grace Pigford Softball This is a softball. This is what the players play with. They are usually yellow with red seams but some are white with red seams. Softball Glove This is a softball glove. The defense players were this except the catcher and maybe the first baseman, they wear mitts. The glove is used to protect the defense players hand from the ball. Softball Bat This is a softball bat, this is what the offense players use to hit with. They vary is size and they can be made of aluminum, wood, or metal. Softball Cleats This is a softball cleat this is what all of the players are required to wear, even some of the coaches wear them. They grip the ground and they make it easier for the players to move. Softball Helmet This is a softball helmet. This is worn by the offense players. This protects the batters heads. They prevent the possibility of getting a concussion. Batting Gloves These are batting gloves these are used to protect the offense players hands. Some defense players wear them on their glove hand to prevent blisters and hand irritation. Softball Uniform This is a softball uniform this is worn by all players. They are worn to be able to tell which team is which. Each player on a team has a different number to tell the apart. Scorebook This is a scorebook. This is used to keep the score of the game. It also keeps the number of outs, strikes, balls, and players that your team has. Softball Field This is a softball field. This is where the game takes place, everybody plays on the field it doesn't matter whether you are on offense or defense. Home Plate This is home plate this is used by both offense and defense. The offense uses it to score runs, and the defense uses is to get outs and the pitcher uses it to see where the center of the strike zone is. The End:)
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