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Blood On The Dance Floor

No description

Madelyn Lawson

on 24 March 2014

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Transcript of Blood On The Dance Floor

Youtube videos
Blood On The Dance Floor.
By: Madelyn Lawson.
Blood On The Dance Floor is an electronica group that formed in 2006, In Orlando, Florida. The Group's original line up is Dahvie Vanity and Jayy Von Monroe. Together they have sold over a half a million mp3's and continue to dominate the electronica world today.
1. The Fight To Unity Tour.
2. Blood On The Dance Floor.
3. NC.
4. Vans Warped Tour.
5. Angel Spit.
6. Power Fest.
7. Young And Divine.
8. Broken Cycle.
9. Jeffree Star.
10. 2 Dr*nk 2 F*ck Tour.
11. Looking Hot & Dangerous.
12. Happy Violentine Day Death Party.
13. Karate High School.
14. The Crunk Kids Tour.
15. Kill Paradise.
16. The Party On Tour.
17. To Paint The Sky.
What Does Blood On The Dance Floor Mean To Me?
The way BOTDF has music that allows me to either express myself or their music lets me gets lost in the lyrics and that is what I do. I don't let anyone make fun of me just because I am being myself or the type of music I like so that is what BOTDF means to me.
Blood On The Dance Floor remains currently unsigned and have the reputation as the people's band with there ever expanding legion of fans known as the "SLASH GASH TERROR CREW" believers of Peace, Love, Unity, Respect.; BOTDF is one act that will scar your mind. Love is the message, Division is not. Enjoy the music.
To the fans the music means that you can just be yourself and you should not care what people think of you or what type of music you listen to and if people dis you, yo just say "WHAT EVER MUSIC I LIKE AND I LISTEN TO, IF YOU DON'T LIKE ME OR MY MUSIC THE DOOR IS OVER THERE".
Who is Jayy Von Monroe?
Jayy Von Monroe: He is the screamer in the increasingly popular band Blood On The Dance Floor. He is 20 years old and Gay.
Jayy was born and raised in Orlando, Florida.
His best friend is obviously Dahvie Vanity. He is your average scene kid. Jayy has multiple piercings and tattoos. Jayy Von Monroe is his real name.
He can Fire Hoops, Rave Dances, Fan Dances, Tribal Fusion Belly Dances, Break Dances. Jayy is also a model. He is Latino. Jayy was born on August 17th.
Who is Dahvie Vanity?
Where Did Blood On The Dance Floor Come From?
Blood On The Dance Floor
What Does The Music Mean To The Fans?
Origin: Orlando, Florida.
Genres: Electronica, CrunkCore.
Years Active: 2007-2013.
Labels: Dark Fantasy Records.
P.L.U.R. means Peace, Love, Unity, Respect and it is a BOTDF song and it means a lot of different things to different people.
Like it means that you should always have Peace, it should keep you calm,to have Love so you can love other people,to have Unity so you can get things done and not get over worked, you should have Respect for other people.
Who Is In The Band And What Are Their Parts?
Dahvie Vanity: Vocals, Keyboard, Guitar, Bass Guitar.
Jayy Von Monroe: Vocals, Screamer.
2008: Let's Start A Riot, It's Hard To Be A Diamond In A Rhinestone World.
2010: Epic.
2011: All The Rage.
2012: Evolution.
2013: Audio Pornography.
2014: Bad Blood.
2008: "Money And Hoes", "Save The Rave", "Blood On The Dance Floor", "S My D", "Suicide Club", "Siq With A Q".
2009: "Miss Bipolar", "Looking Hot & Dangerous", "Designed To Kill", "Horrifically Delicious", "Success Is The Best Revenge", "Sexting", "Crunk Man".
More Singles?
2010: "Inject Me Sweetly", "Candy Land", "I'm What Dreams Are Made Of", "Lose Control", "You Done Goofed", "Party On", "Death To Your Heart", "My Gift And My Cruse", "The Loving Dead", "Yo, Ho (A Pirate's Life For Me)", "Believe".
2011: "Can't Have What I Got", "Happy Violentine's Day", "P.L.U.R.", "G.F.A.", "Bewitched", "Dark Dreams", "La Petite Morte".
More Singles?
2012: "Revenge Porn", "Unforgiven", "Rise And Shine", "Oishi High School Battle Theme Song", "Hell On Heels (Giving Into Sin)".
Dahvie Vanity: He is known as Dahvie Vanity but his real name is David Torres. He was born on September 5th 1995. His favorite super hero is Batman. Dahvie was raised in Orlando, Florida. He is 1/2 of BOTDF. The other half is Jayy Von Monroe.Dahvie is not married.
What Does P.L.U.R. Mean?
Blood On The Dance Floor.com
Jayy Von Monroe.com
Dahvie Vanity.com
2. Unforgiven.
3. Rise And Shine.
What Does Unforgiven
BOTDF'S song Unforgiven mean that if someone has done you wrong don't forgive them.
Make them know that you have not forgotten what they did and that they should not what they have done to that person.
What Does Rise And Shine?
Rise And Shine means that when you are getting bullied and you are cutting and thinking about Suicide don't let that over power you.

You are a human being to so you should rise and shine above bulling and stand up for yourself of tell someone that you trust.
What Is Blood On The Dance Floor's
Well Jayy's fashion is ripped skinny jeans or ripped leather pants and black studded boots and a sleeveless black studded jacket and Dahvie's Style is more common and that is skinny jeans and t-shirts.

The 2 guys both do their own makeup which consist of War Pant and eyeliner and they have some crazy hair styles.
Why Do They Love Their Fans?
BOTDF loves their fans because the fans are the reason that they are so popular and fans are another reason that BOTDF does tours and shows.
Also they are another reason that BOTDF is one of few bands that actually love's and care about their fans and some bands just make music for money and fame.
BOTDF makes music because they want the fans to enjoy them and their music.
What Does Scene Mean?
Scene means that you wear skinny jeans, vans, high tops, band t-shirts and also tank tops, belly shirts, combat boots, ripped jeans, chains. Another thing for scene is piercings like Snake bites, Gages, having your tongue, nose, eye brow, belly button pierced and having some or a lot of tattoos. Scene kids also tease and straighten their hair and they dye their hair Blonde, Black, Pink, Blue, Purple, Green, Orange, Red and they put different color streaks in their hair. And Guys also do this.
How Did The Band Form?
Dahvie and Jayy were at a coffee shop and one of their friends named Sally Stitches was friends with Dahvie.
So she introduced them and they became great friends and then one day Dahvie and Jayy started the Band Blood OnThe Dance Floor.
That is how Blood On The Dance Floor Was Formed and now they are a very popular and famous band.
How Do They Communicate With Their Fans?
They Communicate with the fans by doing photo signing and meet and greets. Also they communicate with them through Twitter, Facebook, Blood On The Dance Floor fan page.
THey are very dedicated to their fans and they want their fans to feel loved by them.
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