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No description

Tadhg Boyle

on 24 November 2017

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Transcript of WHO AM I

Subject Area & Career Cluster
I am mainly motivated in Relationships.
I am interested in Film Production and a bit of Web Development.
Learning Styles
I am a Touching-Doing-Looking-Seeing learner.
I am a Visual Kinesthetic learner.
I am a 41% Kinesthetic learner.
I am a 35% Visual learner.
I am a 24% Auditory learner.
My Personality
I am an ESFJ.
I am Extroverted, Sensing, Feeling, Judging.
Interest Type
I am The Professional.
I am Enterprising, and Conventional.
In conclusioin, this portfolio matches up with me fairly well. I am pleased with the final product.
Tadhg Boyle
I somewhat agree with this.
I defiantly agree with Feeling, I like to make sure everyone is OK with the plan before we go ahead with it.
I think that Extroverted is borderline with Introverted.
I think I should be Introverted, I feel like that most of the time.
I am in the Computer subject area.
None of the careers in the 5 pages it gave me interest me at all. I am kind of disappointed.
The careers show that! The top one, Camera Operator is pretty good, but I think that I want to be an editor, number 3 on the list.
It is kind of creepy how accurate these are. I learn well by feeling and studying in short blocks of time is very helpful.
I always have a plan and can go through with them. If you need a plan, ask me.
Before I start a video project, I make sure I have a plan, and I am very picky about the final product. It has taken me 3 weeks for a 2.5 minute video!
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