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BMW Corporate Social Responsibility

Presentation of BMW CSR reputation.

Austin Mitchell

on 19 December 2014

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Transcript of BMW Corporate Social Responsibility

BMW background
BMW Economic Responsibilities
BMW Legal Responsibilities
BMW Philanthropic Responsibilities
BMW Ethical Responsibilities
BMW has invested over $6 billion in construction , equipment and other capital expenditures.
40 of BMW's 170 North American suppliers have placed operations in the state of South Carolina.
Projected to provide 2,000 jobs, BMW Manufacturing has 8,000 people on site every day.
BMW provides jobs to over 31,000 South Carolinians.
Responsible and lawful conduct is integral to BMW corporate policies.
Basis for long-term success of our company.
Applicable laws provide the binding framework for BMW's various business activities around the world.
Complying with applicable legal regulations , every employee is acting in the interest of BMW.
Provide funding for charitable programs that seek to benefit society.
Give highest consideration to those who focus on education, road safety and environment.
BMW focuses on three areas of education; intercultural learning, automotive technology, and research in areas of safety design and, ergonomics and new materials.
The BMW Group is committed to preserving the environment by conserving/preserving natural resources, research the use of alternative fuels, and provide environmental education for students.
BMW has an internal ethics and misconduct reporting process.
One of only two automotive companies to make the list of 99 world's most ethical companies.
Working to reduce the environmental impact from their business.
BMW is committed to a sustainable future.
By: Austin Mitchell and Joel Panttila
"Bavarian Motor Works"
Founded in 1916
German automobile, motorcycle, and engine manufacturing company.
Based in Munich, Germany
CEO Norbert Reithofer
BMW Economic Counterclaims
BMW had to cut 8,000 workers from it's workforce in 2008
Thousands of workers at BMW's plant in South Africa went on strike to demand higher pay.
Confronted by strict emissions standards in many countries.
BMW Legal Counterclaims
BMW of North America, Inc. v. Gore was a U.S. Supreme Court case in which BMW was accused of selling slightly damaged new cars for value and never informing the consumers about the damage.
BMW has been accused of buying back vehicles that have mechanical issues that cannot be fixed,and then reselling them as certified pre-owned.
BMW had to recall 1.6 million Series 3 models over airbag faults.
BMW Ethical Counterclaims
Faced a lawsuit for discriminative hiring practices.
BMW had to pay a customer $2M for violating the ethical code of honesty.
BMW has an ethical responsibility to keep consumers informed. Failure to disclose recall information in a timely manner violates that code of ethics. BMW was fined $3M for that violation.
BMW Philanthropic Counterclaims
One of BMW's biggest owners was a Nazi, and used slave labor during World War II.
BMW was advertising on websites which had music illegally for free downloading.
BMW knowingly sold pre-owned vehicles that had mechanical problems and flaws.
BMW Claim
We strongly believe that BMW deserves the top three spot on the Forbes 100 best Socially Responsible Companies.
The End
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