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Riley Lindsey

on 2 October 2016

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Transcript of http://testyourself.psychtests.com/testid/3178

Week 5 Homework
Cupid's Disease and Left Brain vs. Right Brain
Left Brain vs. Right Brain
Are the Results Reliable and Valid?
Cupid's Disease
There are not many circumstances where a disease or a disorder have unanticipated benefits, but if they bring you happiness and take away any pain you have then I can see them being of benefit.
Why Is This Idea Popular?
People like to believe whatever they see
Like to refer to themselves as artsy or organized/systematic
I have not really thought of myself in this way before because I did not know much about how the different hemispheres controlled different things
I do not think they're reliable or valid. I took this test while very tired after working 9 hours in my bedroom. I also only had my results to look at and none to compare to it. I also do not know if the website is reliable.
I would have made the same choice as Natasha K. If I had a disease that made me feel alive at age 89, I would be happy about it and enjoy every day I had left because I have seen older people struggling with pain and it does not seem like a good time.
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