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Wellcome Library Digitisation Overview

Brief overview of the Wellcome Library's digitisation process.

Christy Henshaw

on 20 October 2015

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Transcript of Wellcome Library Digitisation Overview

19m images digitised
Wellcome Library
Digitisation Programme

An overview
Books - mainly 19th century
Early Printed Books
Grey literature, serials
Manuscripts: Western and Arabic
Artworks, posters, prints, transparecies
High resolution, Hasselblad/leaf
Oversize books and manuscripts
Items required for facsimile printing
Artworks, posters
Medium resolution, Canon Mark III
Books, grey lit
Copy stands
"Guardian" book systems
Conservation book cradle system
Flat copy stands
TT and Scribe book scanners
Capture in RAW (in-house)
Convert to JPEG 2000 via TIFF
Lossy compression 8:1 or 10:1
MARC21/AARC2 or ISAD(g) for metadata
ALTO XML for full-text
METS XML for digital object administration
Dedicated staff
3 FT Photographers
1 FT Digitisation support officer + ad hoc support
Several FT/PT Project managers
1 FT Digital Ingest Coordinator + ad hoc support
1 FT Programme Manager
1 FT Digital Curator
21 on-site contractors (mostly Internet Archive)
+ large contributions from the cataloguing team, conservation team, web content editing team, systems management team, library support teams
All content is catalogued before digitisation
All records available via Encore "single search"
Links to digital content in Encore records
One user interface for digital and non-digital
Archives heirarchy built into Encore interface
Deliverable units
The unit digitised and made available is:
The "thing" that is catalogued*
The "thing" you would order/reserve*
*except when it's not
Digitisation-related metadata
Structural information
TOCs etc.
Access restrictions
Licences/conditions of use
Preservation metadata
Sensitivity and copyright admin
"Digi" codes to tag collections
Manages workflows
Media import
Format conversion
Format validation
Ingest to Preservica...
Tracking, error reporting
Metadata editor
METS creation & export
Permanent home for media
Exports media via API
Creates/exports technical metadata
Handles format migration
~50 TB of storage
Mostly "working" storage
Preservica currently holds >20 Tb
"Volatile" cache and "permanent" cache
Storage requires very active management!
Delivery system
Bespoke Digital Delivery System (DDS)
Requests content from Preservica or cache
Controls access rights
IIP image
converts JP2 to JPEG
Converts METS to JSON
Delivers media and metadata to Player
Who are we?
The free library for the "incurably curious"
Focus on history of medicine, health

Wellcome Trust "A global charitable foundation dedicated to achieving extraordinary improvements in health by supporting the brightest minds"
Striving to "embed biomedical science in the historical and cultural landscape"

Library is part of the
Wellcome Collection,
"exploring the intersection between medicine, life and art"
What have we got?
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