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alexis king

on 8 October 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi

Advisor & Officer Roles
& Responsibilities

The role of an adviser for a student organization can vary widely depending on the requirements of the student org. It is highly recommended that you sit down with the officers and openly discuss the areas where you will be needed and how much time you can dedicate as an adviser. Some advisers are hands on, they attend every meeting and event with their student org', other advisers attend and interact with the student org when needed.
Adviser Check List
An Adviser Should
-Work with students, not dictate the groups program or activities.
-Offer suggestions, considerations or ideas.
-Update Orgsync profile.
-Provide a source of continuity by keeping historical minutes & financial documents
-Help train new officers & develop student leadership skills.
-Be prepared to deal with problems.
-Monitor group functions and encourage members to fully participate.
-I know the constitution, goals and mission statement.
-I know the location and times of my student organizations meetings.
-I have the contact information for all the officers & attend regular officer meetings.
-My executive board & members know my role within the organization.
-I am aware of the election procedures.
-If I encounter problems, I know where to get help.
The President Should
The role of the president for a student org can be specifically designed within the organizations constitution. A president must be a current CSU-Pueblo student, must attend regular meetings and maintain contact with the adviser, fellow officers and the Office of Student Engagement and Leadership Team.
-Update Student Org OrgSync Profile
-Oversee the responsibilities of fellow officers and organize executive officer meetings with the adviser.
-Maintain contact with affiliated organizations, departments and national organizations.
-Remain fair and impartial during decision-making process.
-Delegate organizational tasks as deemed necessary.
-Complete the annual student org registration form on Orgsync.
-Obtain appropriate facilities for student org activities.
President Checklist
-I provide motivation and encouragement to members.
-I know the goals, constitution & mission statement of my organization.
-I have the contact information for the adviser, officers & members of the organization.
-I attend regular meetings with my organization, adviser and executives.
-I monitor the progress & encourage the continued documentation of minutes and financial documents.
-I understand how to run an orderly meeting & if not, I have attended an ASG meeting to observe the use of Roberts Rules of Order.
-I help to develop the growth of the org though recruitment of new members.
-I confront negative behavior of officers & members.
I attend (and encourage the attendance from members) Student Org retreats and trainings.
Vice President
Vice President Checklist
The Vice President should...
Treasure Checklist
The Treasurer should...
Secretary Checklist
The Secretary Should...
The role of the vice president for a student organization can be specifically designed within the org's constitution. The Vice president is to assume the role of the president in the event of the President's absence, they must attend regular meetings & help to maintain communication between the adviser, officers and members.
-Help to plan events, meetings, elections and orientation for new officers.
-coordinate & support recruitment to help sustain the org.
-Attend regular meetings with the officers, adviser and members.
-Promote the maintenance of financial and historical documents.
-Remain fair and impartial during the decision-making process.
-Help to promote relationships between organization members, officers and adviser.
-Maintain contact with affiliated orgs, departments & the Office of Student Activities Student Org Team.
-Assist the Treasurer with filling out SOF grant applications.
-I am providing motivation & encouragement to new members.
-I know the goals, mission statement & constitution of my Organization.
-I attend most events & attend regular meetings with my adviser, members and officers.
-I help to provide tools to recruit & sustain the continuity by keeping historical records & financial documents.
-I understand how to run and orderly meeting & if not, I have attended an ASG senate meeting to learn Roberts Rules of Order.
-I am updated with the financial status of my org.
-I actively attend (& encourage members to attend) Student Org retreats and trainings.
-I understand how to fill out a SOF grant and help my treasurer with financial documents.
The role of Treasurer varies depending on the guidelines set up in the organizations constitution. Typically, the treasure assists the organization with budget planning & maintenance. They're in communication with the Student Org Team Members, they maintain records of membership dues, incoming and outgoing funds, create fundraisers & work with the adviser on the financial status of the organization.
-Prepare & submit treasurer reports of membership dues for the historical records.
-Update OrgSync with the current financial balance & other incoming & outgoing funds.
-Be familiar with accounting procedures.
-Advise members and officers of the financial status of the organization.
-Establish & maintain a relationship with the Student Org Team.
-Collect, record and & deposit funds.
-Prepare budgeting requests & pay bills & reimbursement expenses.
-Create SOF grant applications with the assistance of fellow officers.
-Understand basic procedures of the SOF grant applications
-Addend (and encourage members to attend) the Student Organization Retreat and trainings.
-I know the goals, mission statement, financial status and constitution of my student org.
-I attend regular meetings with the officers, adviser and members.
-I assist in the orientation & training of new officers.
-I have the contact information for my adviser, officers and members as well as have the contact information for the Student Organization Team.
-I help to provide continuity though documented book keeping for my student organization.
-I update my Student Org OrgSync Profile, as well as the financial documents on OrgSync.
-I review budget reports with my adviser.
-If I encounter problems, i know where to look for assistance.
The role of the secretary can be depending on what the organization has written in their constitution. Generally, the secretary is in charge of record keeping; this includes documentation of events, evaluations, attendance, and often helps with developing posters and other advertisements.
-Keep an accurate record of all meetings & events.
-Maintain & update membership roster on Orgsync.
-Maintain all social media sites.
-Be responsible for notifying members of all meetings and events.
-Prepare agenda's, calendar's and event timelines.
-Help in the coordination of events and programs.
-Have an accurate up to date contact list for members, officers and advisers.
-Document events with photograhps and help to create advertisements for recruitment and programs for the Organization.
-I know how to log in & edit the Student Org social networking sites like Facebook, OrgSync and your personal website.
-I have the contact information for the officers, members and adviser.
-I post the minutes & attendance from each meeting to the OrgSync website.
-I take pictures and keep documents containing information about the events and activities held by my organization to sustain the historical documents.
-I create and distribute the agenda for each meeting.
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