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Darleen Fiscus

on 8 May 2014

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Transcript of Luxemburg

Outstanding personalities
Robert Brandy

born 1946 in Luxemburg)
Luxembourg painter
whose works are represented
in all the important museums of the world.
After training at the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in
Aix-en-Provence in 1972, he returned in 1976 after
Luxemburg back.
He managed to combine the motifs of the Historic (
Motor Sport world of contemporary art.
Art & Culture
Chris Baldo, actually Christian Henri Baldauff,
(* June 24, 1943 in Luxembourg,
† January 24, 1995) was a
Luxembourgian pop singers.
The total area of Luxemburg is 2.586 km².
Luxemburg is one of thesmallest in the surface states and the second smallest (after Malta) member of the European Union.
Areas in Luxemburg
The total population in Luxemburg is 537.039.

Evangelical and Orthodox: 3,7 %
Catholics: 68,7 %
Jews and Muslims: 2,6 %
without confessiones: 24,9 %
Seat of the European Court
European Court of Auditors
the Secretariat of the European Parliament
the European Investment Bank
of the European Commission and the European Financial Stability Facility services.
Capital Luxemburg

Luxemburg is the center of
the country Luxemburg. It
has a lot of historical sights e.g
the Musée de la Banque
the Pont Adolphe

Luxemburg is a
democratic state

Head of State and Grand Duke
of Luxembourg is since
October 2000 Henri of Nassau

Nationals symbols
The coat of arms of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg seen from the crest of the second and third medieval houses Luxembourg forth, the red lion contained therein corresponds to the Limburg lions.
coat of arms
Flag of Luxemburg
The flag of Luxembourg was
officially introduced in its present
form on 23 June 1972.
Ons Heemecht ("Our Home")
since 1993, the national
anthem of Luxembourg.
The melody comes from Johann Anton battlements (1864), the text of Michel Lentz (1859). The original language is Luxembourgish.
first appearances with his Beat Band,,The Youngsters'' as a teenager
discovered by the German record label ,,Polydor''
some years singer of the band Chiens méchants and The Rocking Robins
successfully with German and French language hits.
participated in the Euro Vision Song Contest 1968 for Luxembourg
was active as a radio presenter on RTL Radio Luxemburg
e.g ,,Pardon Rosalie'', ,,eine Urlaubsliebe'' und ,,Ich bin nicht schuld an deinen Tränen''.
Joseph Bech

(1887 - 1975)
Statesman who is considered
one of the EU's founding.
He negotiated the Benelux contracts for the country and shaped the design of the European Union since the 50s.
In Luxembourg is in many languages ​​spoken.
The Letzebuergesche is the actual
Luxembourgish and represents a Moselle
Franconian dialect, serves as a
colloquial language.
The High German is also understood and
very often also spoken. As an official
language of the city serves French.
All official signs, notices and legal texts
are kept in this language.

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