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The appraisal under the surface


Ivy Liu

on 25 October 2012

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Transcript of The appraisal under the surface

Stefan Groeschl
Liz Doherty The Appraisal Process: Beneath the Surface Employers Employees The appraisal concept One of those occasions when an organization sanctions and encourages the expenditure of time and effort by both a manager and a member of staff for a formal ‘interaction’ aimed at improving the performance of the individual, the organization and the manager, at their respective tasks. All appraisal procedures aim at developing people and/or organizations by using information about the behavior of people at work. Purposes of appraisals
differing in their key functions Reward-oriented
Transfer organizational value Do research in Company ANO In the United Kingdom
A part of a multi-national group (Headquarter not in UK)
87,000 employees within 3,234 hotels and 354,652 rooms (The group) LIU Yangzhao Ivy
12141086g Randell, Packard, and Slater (1984) Identification--Measurement--Management Luis R.Gomez-Mejia, David B.Balkin, Robert L.Cardy (2007) “innovative network of modern hotels offering simplicity, quality service, practicality and warmth.” Samples: 6 out of 20 Company ANO hotel units
Investigate the process on operational, middle, and senior management level e.g. Head of Department (HoD), GM. In UK, One Human Resources Director in charge of all The Purpose of the Appraisal Interview
Preparation for the Appraisal Interview
Time and Location
Appraiser Style
Monitoring Process Findings Feedback/evaluation of past performance
Career development
Goal setting and the development of business objectives The Purpose of the Appraisal Interview Guidelines and instructions in Company ANO’s appraisal document Preparation for the Appraisal Interview In the document: Time and Location Managers take on an advisory or supportive role towards the appraisees. Appraiser Style A "flash" appraisal Monitoring Process Hardly any respondents mentioned training, motivation, or personal circumstances as an important purpose of appraisals. Some even said that they: don’t wait for the appraisal–we talk everyday . . . If I haven’t done something then he tells me straight away–but it is the other way around as well. (HoD)

Well most of the time I have things throughout the whole year. I am not
going to wait until it is time for an appraisal to address an issue, therefore sometimes an appraisal is just a waste of time. (GM) Set the interview date at least 2 weeks in advance
duration (between 1½ and 2 hours)
Give out a copy of the document
Forms needed to be filled before interview What they do indeed: Notify employees between “3 to 4 days in advance”
“I don’t fill in the form. I just go to the meeting and we fill it in together” (HoD).
Use sometimes a different document from another hotel brands
Keep changing the process because "it would become pretty boring to some of the people."(GM)
Do not attend the appraisal training "Yes, you get the form, and you have a look through it–I don’t think you fill it in–no, no! And then we have a meeting. "(HoD)
"I use it the exact way as it was used with me when I was in Company Z, the way I liked it. "(GM)
"I’ve done appraisal skills training courses twice with Company X–but many, many years ago. " (GM)
“I didn’t go to the appraisal skills course. I sent my chef” (HoD) Duration: between 1.5 and 2 hrs
Place: a meeting room to avoid disturb However, according to the respondents: The time appraisals take could vary between one hour to a whole day.
Appraisals are conducted in a variety of other locations including restaurants, bars, and offices. "We do it on an informal basis, over lunch and a little beer. "(GM) "You feel that you can talk about anything with her, whether it is personal or business."(HoD) Managers who think work is work focus primarily on the negative aspects of the appraisees' performance, showing limited interpersonal skills and social sensibility. 6 months after the yearly appraisal interview
Focus objectives and actions agreed to be accomplished within a certain period In some hotels, they do these to monitor: Put a board in the staff room with the training plan for each individual employee
has a personal assistant who keeps a record of each employee and training tasks But for the rest of the hotels, no such action.
Other implementation of the monitoring tools: not ensured. Inconsistency and lack of a uniform approach: Conclusions and discussion 1. Too theoretical
2.Performance appraisal process is too complicated Limitations & Critiques Process, importance and purposes
Approaches in preparation
The thoroughness in the monitoring system
Participation and outcomes of training courses
Etc. In general, despite clear company objectives, documentation, and guidelines, in practice, Company ANO’s appraisal process differs from what it originally set out to be and achieve. Appraisal skills training
Organizational value transfer
Clear implementation process
Reconsider the HR structure How to improve? To Company ANO: To Company ANO's mother organization: Check the applicability of their HR processes
Choose a more flexible approach that can be adapted to local needs Put together several regional teams (not in UK), including GMs, HoDs, and the Director of Operations of each hotel brand, evaluated the old appraisal system, identified weaknesses, and put forward suggestions and proposals.

6 months later, they agreed on the new appraisal system.

The new system was for the whole Europe. A new standardized appraisal system All Company ANO’s hotel units
Its mother organization’s other hotel brands "You generally won’t find an HR manager. It is the philosophy that HRM in terms of recruiting people, inducting people, training, and dealing with employee relations issues, is the manager’s responsibility. Thus it is ultimately the GM (General Manager–the author) and his management team who are responsible for HRM, in the same way they are responsible
for their financial resources." (UK HR Director) key objectives: review, monitoring, provision of development and provision of training Q & A Thank you! After several in-depth interviews, group discussions and appraisal interview role plays... Suggestions
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