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MGMT 3303 Ch. 2

No description

Laura Guerrero

on 29 October 2014

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Transcript of MGMT 3303 Ch. 2

Ch. 2 - Diversity in organizations
Dr. Laura Guerrero
What is diversity?
Why is diversity in organizations desirable?
... necessary?
In groups, explain:
(1) surface-level diversity
(2) deep-level diversity
(3) discriminatory policies or practices
(4) sexual harassment
(5) intimidation
(6) mockery and insults
(7) exclusion
(8) incivility
In groups, explain possible misconceptions regarding
(1) age
(2) sex
(3) race and ethnicity
(4) disability
(5) tenure
(6) religion
(7) sexual orientation and gender identity

(8) how is diversity different from just complying with equal employment laws
Written assignment:
How have your ideas about diversity have changed over time?
Are your ideas different from those of your parents?
In class exercise
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