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Human Development Index

This is about how Nigeria has a low human development index and my speculation why they are that way including important facts.

Lauryn Walker

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Human Development Index

Nigeria Life Expectancy at Birth Women-47 years
Men-46 years
A low life expectancy proves to have a bad living environment for people whether it's the gov., civil ssues, or disease. Highest Population-Most Poor This causes the completion of goals to depend on the Nigeria meeting it's own develpoment objectives
Population expexted to double, which makes the situation worse because of the poor conditions(pop. now is 130 million) Mainly Dependent Canada asists in health field, including immunization, reproductive health and HIV/AIDS
CIDA works to also improve living conditons of women

Past Military Problems Successive military regimes slowed down improvement
Economic growth and development is more difficult to make up
Still in process of bettering society politically, economically, and achieving full anitcorruption Poverty, Etc. 70% of Nigerians live in poverty on less than one U.S dollar a day
90% live with less than 2 U.S dollars a day
Health and Education are low
Only about 13% immunization coverage for childhood diseases
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