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The Judicial Branch

No description

REACH Project

on 3 November 2013

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Transcript of The Judicial Branch

Fact #2
You can think of the Judicial Branch as the 'Judging' branch. Think of it this way because judges enforce the laws and make up the Judicial Branch.
Fact #3
It is described in Article 3 of The Constitution and it is led by the supreme court.
Fact #4
The Judicial Branch of the government is made up of judges and courts. The judges are not elected by the people like the president and members of congress, they are appointed by the president and then confirmed by the Senate.

Fact #5
The job of the courts is to interpret the laws of the Congress. They do not make laws. They also only make decisions on actual cases where someone has shown that they have been harmed.

How the Government is Structured.

Passes the laws
By Kate McHale, Zoe Hack, Meg Cappabianca,
Sumedha Sripada, and Suvetha Shyamalan

What is the Judicial Branch?
The Judicial Branch is the government branch that deals with all courts. From jury to judge, they do it all. But when most people hear the Judicial Branch they think of the supreme court. It is the country's big court. But believe it or not, it deals with all courts. Just like the other branches, the Judicial Branch can also keep the other branches in check. This way, no one branch can over power. So that's the Judicial Branch's main idea!!!!
The Supreme Court
What Is The
Supreme Court
The supreme court is a group of officials who review laws, and if necessary, claim them
By Kate McHale
Who's On The
Supreme Court
The Supreme Court is made up of Supreme Court Justices. There are currently nine Supreme Court Justices on the US Supreme Court.
The Judicial Branch is often referred to as the 3rd or the "last"branch in the American 3 - part system.
Judicial Branch Facts
How Long Do They Stay?
Supreme Court Justices are sentenced to serve on the Supreme Court for life, but they do not have to serve that long. The Justices can leave anytime they want. They can stay as long as wanted.
When Justices claim a law 'Unconstitutional,' it means the law doesn't abide by the basic rights of the Constitution.
Fact #1
By: Zoe Hack and Sumedha Sripada
This is a Judge
Every time you think of the Judicial branch, think of this guy
When you think of the Judicial branch you can also think of this picture.
What would happen if we didn't have the judicial branch?
By: Suvetha Shyamalan
Well for one thing if we had no courts we would have no laws, and all would be chaos! People would have no rules to follow and would survive by their own decisions. Of course they can make the right decision , but what if they make the wrong one?
The police would have no way or reason to stop criminals. People might do the wrong thing, but they would not get punished because there are no laws stating that a person's action is right or wrong. The police would have no right to punish the person.You would have no redress if someone did you wrong, either physically or civilly, and they could go on and on and on.
As you can see, without the judicial branch, our country would be a disaster!

Enforces the laws.
Writes the laws.
By Meg Cappabianca

Fun Facts
- The annual budget for the judicial branch is 303,877,000 dollars

- The number of full time job positions is 2,595

- There are 101 hearing facilities

- There are 315 judges in the branch

- William Taft was the only person to serve as a president and a Chief Justice.

- Supreme Court Chief Justice makes $160,579 a year
By: Zoe Hack
Watch this video on the Judicial Branch!
By: Zoe Hack
By: Zoe Hack
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