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Welcome to Detroit, Michigan!!

We welcome you Corlissa Simms to your new home!!:)

Danielle Sanchez

on 27 September 2012

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Transcript of Welcome to Detroit, Michigan!!

Welcome To
The "Motor City" By: Danielle Sanchez
Pedro De Luna
Shankijia Hill Political Factors Social Factors Facts About Detroit Geographical Factors Based on this presentation I hope you are excited to go to Detroit and be happy to stay there. People who like the Snow will be happy in Detroit, because snow and low temperatures are very common in the winter. If you like the group Boyz II Men or soul/ RnB music then Detroit is the place for you. The group Boyz II Men and soul/ RnB music originated in Detroit First city to pave a concrete road.
First city to broadcast radio news.
Has the largest island park within a city.
Birth place of soul/ RnB and techno music.
Sports capital of the Midwest.
Is the potato chip capital of the world, based on consumption.
Home to the world's only floating post office. Corlissa we want to welcome you to Detroit, Michigan
We hope this presentation will help you be excited to come to your new home. Detroit is a great city for people who are Democratic. The reason being is that the city of Detroit lies in the Midwest region. This means that Detroit favors the Democratic political party. Economic Factors Detroit is a great city for people who likes cars, because Detroit is known as the "Motor City". People call Detroit the "Motor City", because it has the biggest car industry in the United States. This is also great for people who want to get a job in the car industry because they will have many opportunities to get a job in a car industry. First city to pave a
concrete road Home to the only
floating post office. First city to broadcast
news Largest island park within the city. Sport capital of the midwest
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