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No description

kyle burchatzki

on 11 March 2015

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Transcript of Jackpot

This story is about a group of kids who's names are Griffin, Ben, Savannah, Logan Pitch, Melissa and Darren. Then a new kid Victor moves to town and steals Griffin's friends because he thinks Griffin's a bully. Everyone's on the hunt for an unclaimed $30 000 000 lottery ticket!
This book mainly takes place in Cedarville. Cedarville's important in this book because that's where Griffin, Savannah, Pitch, Logan, Melissa, Ben, Darren and Victor all live. Also that's where the plot is, the climax and the problem is. If Cedarville didn't exist they wouldn't have found the baseball card, never have done the heist and Griffin wouldn't have had a team.
The author of the book Jackpot is Gordan Korman.
The genre of the book I'm reading is mystery and adventure.
This book is part of the series "a Swindle Mystery."
Character one; Griffin
Griffin will have some major competition to get the ticket though. He will have to team up with his arch enemy and a large doberman to hit this jackpot and win back his friends.
Trait one: Smart
Reason: I think Griffin is really smart because he knew how to get his friends back when Victor stole them. Also he made a plan to find the missing lottery ticket when people thought it was nearly impossible.
Trait 2: Kind
Reason: I think Griffin is really kind because he always looks out for his friends. When the frat brothers tried to drop Ben in the freezing cold bath tub, Griffin pushed Ben out of the way and he fell in it.
Trait 3: Jealous
Reason: I think Griffin is jealous because Victor is stealing all of his friends and getting all the attention. Also Victor has Griffin's old team to help him with his plan and Griffin only has Darren and Luthor.
The End
Character 2: Victor
Trait 1: Smart
Reason: I think Victor is smart because he had a plan to steal all of Griffin's friends. Also people were calling him the new " Man With the Plan" because he made great plans just like Griffin.
Trait 2: Funny
Reason: I think Victor is funny because he's making all of Griffins friends laugh by telling jokes and by his personality. When everything was tense between Griffin and his friend's Victor made Griffin's friends all crack up.
Trait 3: Mischievous
Reason: I think Victor is mischievous because when he came to Cedarville he lied about his personality and name. When Victor gave Savannah the cat he lied about the cat being his and that his dad is allergic to cats.
Comprehension strategy 1
Strategy 1: Visualizing
It helped me when Pitch grabbed the lottery ticket through the sewer grate. I visualized Pitch's hand trapping the ticket against the wall.
Comprehension strategy 2
Strategy 2: asking questions
It helped me when they were wondering who had the ticket. I asked myself who had the ticket.
Comprehension strategy
Strategy 3: Predicting
It helped me when they were wondering who had the ticket. I predicted that the hoarder had the ticket.
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