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Volcom Inc.

BAEP 423 Group Presentation

Danielle Silva

on 8 July 2010

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Transcript of Volcom Inc.

Industry Marketing financials: VLCM Social Responsibility Location Secret Sauce Volcom Inc. retail clothing industry heavily concentrated largest 50 companies own 65% of market share! Marketing Orientation current ratio: 6.4 quick ratio: 5.4 profit margin: 7.7 % return on assets: 14.4% return on equity: 16.4% receivables turnover: 4.7 inventory turnover: 4.4 asset turnover: 1.2 Income statement Balance Sheet profit margin steady net profits since 2007! cut COG's for 2009 RECESSION INCLUDED!!!! 7.7% assets remain on growing trend maintain low # of liabilities company continues to grow HOW DO WE DO IT? philosophy creativity the arts maintaining the secret sauce! V co. logical series side projects 1% for the planet local events room for improvment? remain in Costa Mesa: high unemployment rate: 9.7% I5 major freeway in house skate park & recording studio state tax incentives we are here!!! concentration approach scarcity brand personality innovation distribution advertising:
film, print, sponsorship "youth against establishment"
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