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What Type of Internet Geek are you? Behavioral Styles in Virtual Communities

Presentation to Sociologists of Minnesota conference, October 2009. Author: Monica A. Wiant

Monica Wiant

on 5 February 2010

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Transcript of What Type of Internet Geek are you? Behavioral Styles in Virtual Communities

by Monica A. Wiant Which type of internet geek are you? behavior patterns in virtual communities collaboration consultant, u.s. bank behavior collectors add tags to files
organize content creators write blogs
start discussions
upload files 18% of U.S. adults who use the Internet are creators as are approximately 12% of u.s. bank hr employees around 10% of the online population are collectors as are 17% of U.S. Bank HR staff experience how often do you use the internet for work? have you ever formed a friendship
or romantic relationship
with someone you met
online? for leisure? to which social networks do you belong? critic posts ratings and reviews
comments on blogs
shares his opinion around 10% of the u.s. online population are collectors and 17% of u.s. bank hr staff joiner primary objective is social
sticks with people she knows
follows others spectator here to observe Expert Orientation Openness to Change Authorship Virtual Engagement IRL (I) perceives online interactions as distinct from "real" life
Virtual (V) = The two worlds are interwoven and equally relevant Writers (W) have a powerful need for self-expression
Readers (R) prefer to listen and observe Traditionalists (T) appreciate well-defined structures, core values, and traditions
Shape Shifters (S) prefer flexible, dynamic social groups with rapidly changing boundaries Expert-oriented (E) emphasize authority, training, and credentials in evaluating credibility
Crowdsourcers (C) trust amateur content, especially when aggregated as on the Internet attitude people CWTV: The Architect Type description: Find a long-standing, close-knit, stable online community, and at the center you’ll find the Architect. The Architect was drawn to the Internet for its egalitarian principles of free expression and inclusion, but once he or she settles into a comfortable community, he’ll do whatever it takes – even if it means implementing rules and banning hostile members – to preserve it. A prolific contributor, the Architect helps shape the community he or she loves by starting discussions, connecting with new members, and setting the tone for dialogue. Marketing message: Communities now forming.
Joined community: June 2008. Posts as of October 2009: 9,414 At any point, The Consultant is likely to have multiple Internet browser windows open, feverishly multi-tasking in a remarkably productive way. He or she has deep knowledge in a few select subjects, and shares that knowledge freely with those who are ready for it – which, admittedly, isn’t everyone. The Consultant is the person who’s simultaneously reading the news while posting a blog while riding the subway. Consultants have flexible, sharp minds that can see unexpected connections. They can grow bored with communities if the level of discussion isn’t up to their intellectual standards, although they can get equally frustrated if other experts compete for authority. Marketing Message: Have any ideas to share? EWSV: The Consultant 108 links posted on Facebook ERTI: The Literati ERSI: The Pragmatist CWTI: The Nurturer CWSI: The Handyman CRTI: The Observer CRTV: The Listener CWSV: The Social Butterfly EWTV: The Technophile EWTI: The Sage EWSI: The Specialist
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