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Breastfeeding Success: Begin with Knowledge, Confidence, and Commitment

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Kristy Hansen

on 21 February 2012

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Transcript of Breastfeeding Success: Begin with Knowledge, Confidence, and Commitment

commitment. (just kidding) success. knowledge. Not that cup size! Fact or Fiction? until your milk comes in, your baby will need something else to keep him full perfect. liquid gold. Colostrum baby's first milk
rich in antibodies
gentle laxative effect
breaks up mucus
concentrated nutrition who's hungry now? A Little Riddle a marble a shooter marble a golf ball 5-7mL .75 - 1 oz. 1.5 - 2 oz. day 1 day 3 day 7 while women have individual storage capacities (unrelated to cup size), their supply is thoretically infinite drink all you want, mom will make more confidence. Baby's Little
Instruction Book? Fact or Fiction a woman has innate knowlege about breastfeeding while baby is quite well-versed in breastfeeding (or at least, well-prepared), mom's skills aren't so ingrained. how, then, do we learn? breastfeeding is a
socially-learned skill Fact or Fiction it is normal for a woman's nipples to hurt
in the first few days of breastfeeding the secret's in the latch lips wide and uncurled asymmetrical areola tongue forward chin forward head back drawings are great...but what does it really look like? Strictly speaking, it's not supposed to hurt. Realistically speaking, some tenderness is acceptable -- as long as it is not accompanied by cracked or bleeding nipples and disappears after a day or two. is this how you do it, mommy? "Confident Commitment" a key factor in sustained breastfeeding 1 Birth. 2009 Jun;36(2):141-8. Confident commitment is a key factor for sustained breastfeeding. Avery A, Zimmermann K, Underwood PW, Magnus JH. Fact or Fiction? your breasts and nipples need
to be prepared for breastfeeding Step One? don't know much about history.
don't know much biology.
don't know much about a science book.
but I do know I love you.... (and I know how to breastfeed) really? prove it. skin-to-skin we love it ...is more likely to breastfeed
...breastfeeds longer
...stays warmer
...cries less
...maintains better blood sugars baby... when mom and baby get together,
something magical happens Hormones milk let-down milk production love and affection "mama bear" instinct my mom's
a genius wait. you mean just by putting my
baby next to me, my body starts making milk to feed my baby and my brain makes me want to love and protect my baby?!? there's just one little catch keeping stress at bay is not only a smart thing to do, it's the right thing to do to optimize breastfeeding ...and your point? Hormonal Genius adrenaline::oxytocin
as tums::stomach acid any given mother has a given milk-making capacity –
some moms will always make more milk than others, and vice versa Demand Begets Supply if the icebin is full, the icemaker will quit making ice. it's the same paradigm in breastfeeding. if no one demands (and empties), no supply will be replinished. emptying the breast is key! Fact or Fiction? baby-led, instinctive, or laid-back football or clutch cross-cradle side-lying cradle once you learn the basic skills,
the sky's the limit! Feed Me, Seymour mouthing and sucking rapid eye movements soft calling sounds restlessness hands to mouth rooting - searching for nipple crying is a late feeding cue not on a schedule! follow readiness cues 10-12 times in 24 hours until weight gain is established, wake to nurse after 3 hours once weight gain has been established, sleeping longer spells is fine this does not mean every 2 hours! When... do I feed my baby? trying to schedule
breastfeeding only
leads to one thing: Fact or Fiction frequent feedings are a sign of inadequate milk supply How Long... should I feed my baby? 15 minutes each breast 20 minutes each breast 10 minutes on only one breast 10 minutes on each breast 10 minutes on one breast, 5 minutes on the other sometimes 5 minutes, sometimes 10 minutes never the same time twice tick tock, don't watch the clock any time, all the time sometimes one breast sometimes both breasts offer fullest breast first
when baby slows down, perform breast compressions
offer second breast, but follow baby's lead -- baby will tell you when he's full! remember: emptying the breast is key just give me some hard
and fast rules, alright?!? breastfeeding is not a "type a" activity just two diaper output weight gain if baby is peeing and pooping
and gaining weight,
it's working! All you "type a" folk are screaming: what about crying? feed me, mommy Fact or Fiction if a mother breastfeeds,
her partner can't do much to bond with the baby or help Fact or Fiction? a breastfeeding mother should avoid
gassy or spicy foods. go on...variety is the spice of life! aw, mom! that stuff again?!? garlic and cabbage and onions, oh my! support is key Research indicates that dad's “emotional, practical and physical supports were identified as important factors to promote successful breastfeeding and to enrich the experience for the mother " and...the father (emphasis added) 1. Int Breastfeed J. 2009 Nov 29;4:15.Dads make a difference: an exploratory study of paternal support for breastfeeding in Perth, Western Australia.Tohotoa J, Maycock B, Hauck YL, Howat P, Burns S, Binns CW. the best support be armed with accurate information cultural and institutional be able to recognize and defend against "booby traps" take on additional family duties promote breastfeeding to others nourish mom while she nourishes baby encourage her to get help if she needs it say only positive things about breastfeeding talk to baby wear baby bathe baby soothe baby sleep with baby snuggle with mom and baby while they nurse walk with baby sing to baby spend alone time with your baby massage baby read sports page to baby tickle baby with your 5'oclock shadow cheer for your team with baby Fact or Fiction it is best to begin feeding a baby from a bottle right away,
so he will be sure to get used to both be patient. wait... ...until baby is nursing easily
...until milk supply is established
...four weeks have passed a pump primer hospital grade double electric hand pump occasional use heavy use
(full time work) exclusive use
(preemie or failure to latch) booby traps old ideas and practices that serve us poorly false! ^ the earth is flat, and... infants can be spoiled
he's "only" using your breast as a pacifier
formula will make him sleep better and longer
a "good" baby is a scheduled baby
a productive mom is a mom on the go! go! go!
boobs are for the bedroom
the doctor (pediatrician or obstetrician) knows best or (grand)mom knows best
after a few weeks (or months), it's just "not right" to nurse the baby
it's ok...you were formula fed and you turned out alright! (yet neither have ever breastfed!!) well behaved women seldom make history aap recommends... exclusive breastfeeding for six months
continued breastfeeding for a year...
...and beyond, as long as mutually desired (w.h.o
two!) sore nipples plugged ducts and mastitis baby always falls asleep at the breast slow weight gain baby refuses breast baby is fussy at breast what's a nursing mother to do? skin-to-skin "laid back" nursing position apply breast milk to nipples 24-hour cure air-drying massage . pick up the phone friend who nursed successfully
la leche league
nursing mothers of raleigh
lactation consultant
me! 919.845.7196 or kristybhansen@gmail.com six weeks It's good for mom It's good for the rest of us Incidentally, all these "benefits" to choosing to breastfeed should really be reframed as risks to choosing to buck the biological norm. It isn't breastfeeding that increases baby's and mom's health; it's choosing to formula-feed that detracts from the health of both mom and baby. It's good for baby breastmilk is easier to digest than formula fewer ear infections in baby baby gets fewer stomach viruses fewer respiratory infections in baby (lifelong) reduced risk of diabetes (types I & II) (lifelong) reduced risk of obesity reduced risk of childhood leukemia reduced risk of SIDS higher intelligence Is it as interesting to you as it is to me that as our breastfeeding rates declined our rates of diabetes and obesity increased? Hmmm. why? hmmm...there are those interesting correlated rates again.... some things are just better together drink up. toss it back. not? painful time consuming didn't produce "enough" embarrassed restrictive had to go back to work didn't want breasts to sag wanted baby to sleep "better" cultural norms
that lead mom
to wean early the fact of the matter is:
most of these reasons boil down to a lack of knowlege and a lack of critical support for anyone who ends up not breastfeeding due to any of these issues, the message is not that you didn't try hard enough to get help...it's that it is a shame that the right support system is not in place. ` why maternal weight loss lower risk of postpartum depression reduced risk of type II diabetes reduced risk of breast cancer lower risk of ovarian cancer saves families thousands of dollars each year contributes to a more productive economy baby's stool smells better! convenient contributes to a cleaner environment saves healthcare costs beginning breastfeeding: kristy hansen, lcce, cd(dona)
919-845-7196 kristybhansen@gmail.com let's get this party started! speaking of cabbage... nurse frequently pump or hand-express to relieve pressure apply ice packs warm water cabbage leaves engorgement knowledge and understanding of the process of breastfeeding
confidence in one's own breastfeeding skills
commitment to making breastfeeding work despite obstacles wanted her body back 1. baby to breast...not breast to baby
3. gravity rocks! giggle with baby 2. as little weight - if any - borne by mom remember: serve at the breast buffet! would you? could you in a car?
baby's hungry and there they are! Where will YOU breastfeed?

could you, would you in a train?
could you, would you in the rain? would you breastfeed in a house?
would you breastfeed with a mouse? would you breastfeed in a box?
would you breastfeed with a fox? would you breastfeed here or there?
would you breastfeed anywhere? how does
this gig work? how am i
going to do this? how can i
stick with it
if I run into trouble?
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