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New Support Model - Day 2

No description

Matthew Berman

on 22 January 2013

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Transcript of New Support Model - Day 2

helping young people to achieve qualifications Lifewise Functional Skills Functional Skills are the essential skills needed for English, Maths and ICT, vital for young people to participate in life, learning and work.

Functional Skills strengthen and bring consistency to learning routes for young people and as such are looked for by colleges, employers, training and apprenticeship providers.

At Centrepoint, Functional Skills sessions are delivered by fully qualified tutors who are based in service. Other Learning Centrepoint's Accreditation team are currently developing the following programmes:-

Study Support 'Moving On' - an opportunity for young people to get help with their college and university assignments;

Study Support 'SEN' - an opportunity to provide more long-term assistance to young people with established literacy, numeracy, language and learning needs;

GCSE - Centrepoint is now approved to deliver English and Maths GCSEs;

Pre-Apprenticeship / Apprenticeship - a chance for young people to develop knowledge and competency in a wide range of vocational areas and levels. Learning - Accreditation 1:1 & small group sessions
delivered in services or at nearby locations
offers nationally accredited Edexcel qualifications
from Entry 1 to Level 2
12 week course, if required
young person centered learning
length of workshop, frequency of appointments & times, as well as resources and pace designed around the individual
support with progression into college Lifewise is Centrepoint's central, key-worker learning tool, delivered by SHOs to support young people out of homelessness and into sustainably independent and fulfilling lives. Lifewise is accredited with AQA's 'unit award scheme' so that Centrepoint can recognise and celebrate its young people's individual achievements in these
workshops Lifewise has developed service-specific Lifewise core journeys, which include some of the following topics:-

Intro. to Centrepoint
Rights & Responsibilities
Managing Your Home
Living On A Budget
Dealing With Debt
Nutrition & Diet
Practical Cooking
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