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The Characteristics of Filipino Thoughts

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Joana Angela Hojas

on 7 December 2014

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Transcript of The Characteristics of Filipino Thoughts

How can we prove it?
How is Filipino philosophy different from western philosophy?
What makes it so special?
Who made it significant?
What we were left to do?
Filipino Philosophy Exists
Filipino begins in "
...arises out of
human experience
...is found in every

One heavily relies on one another.

Filipino Philosophy vs Western Philosophy
Philosophy of life
Philosophy of being.
It is Metaphorical rather than literal...
No system of definition, use connotative ways to clarify meanings (metaphor, simile, analogy)

"Kung ano ang puno, sya ang bunga." (Whatever the tree is, so is its fruits.)
"Baki si tatay, baki si nanay, ikaw baki anak man, baki kamong tanan." (f the father and mother are frogs, so are the children.)
Concrete rather than abstract...
Concrete instances are used in the arguments.

Ang punungkahoy na hitik sa bunga ay syang binabato. (A tree that is full of fruits is what is being pelted with stones.)
It is personal rather than impersonal...
Subjective and psychological;
Person/ family oriented.

Kung saan ako nadapa, doon ako babangon.
Malaki ang utang na loob ko sa aking ina. Kung wala sya ay hindi ako naging tao.
It is practical and socio-etical rather than theoretical and cognitive...
Generally moralistic, pertains more to human relationships.
Excibited in the values of
pakikisama, pakikiramay, pakikipagkapwa-tao, utang na loob,
It is generally particular rather than universal...
Particular phrases are often used rather than universal.
When people refer to a tree, they usually refer to a particular tree.

Ang punong santol ay magbubunga rin ng santol.
The Characteristics of Filipino Thoughts
Presented by: Joana Angela Hojas
Filipino's say short prayers before exams or games, stop when the Angelus is played, or pray while in the public transport.
Filipino thought is theological rather than scientific...
The Legacy
It has no limit.
It needs nurturing.
A young and growing area of study.
"...prisoners of other people's thoughts."
The new idea: We can make our own.
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