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Puppy Luv

No description

Zane Groshelle

on 27 January 2014

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Transcript of Puppy Luv

Puppy Luv

The cost of knowing your dog is well fed and walked?
Puppy Luv
Puppy Luv
Puppy Luv Team
David Zafrani
Robert Perez
Juan Bazurto
Justina Sigle
Puppy Luv
is an app developed to help you and your family monitor the regular activities of your dog by providing real time updates of when your dog was walked and last fed
Mission Statement: Our mission is to inform and assist dog lovers with dog walking and feeding schedules
How Does it Work?
$55 for Purina Dog Food
+$21 for Grooming
+$15 for a neighborhood Dog walker
+$60 for a Vet Visit
$151 Total
Future Releases
Add other pets
Medical Records
GPS location
QRC Reader
Project Summary
We all lead active and hectic lives
(cc) image by anemoneprojectors on Flickr
With one tap you will
know if Rex was walked & fed
With its simple interface anyone can manage the
Puppy Luv
Within seconds the entire household
is informed of Rex's status
Pet Manager- Free & $.99
Pet Master- Free
Did I Remember to Feed the Pet?- Free
All of our competitors offer great applications
A user can keep track of all the tedious and
easily forgotten tasks for their dogs
Include distinct traits (gender, breed, birthdays, etc.)
Pet Minder- Free
Dogiduty- $.99
The Pet Pal- Free
Puppy Luv Features
Allows you to synchronize the status
of your dogs in real time.
Available on both platforms
Supports ability to take photos of dogs
Multi-user capability
Unlimited dogs & clients
Was the dog fed?
Can we go for a walk?
A Thankful Dog
Puppy Luv
App can inform you when to walk and feed your dog, therefore making your dog happy
Preventing Accidents
After 300 combined hours
Puppy Luv
was created to help dogs stay on schedule with their daily walks and meals
Time with Family
Favorite Toy
Allowing dogs to get back to doing what they love best
Thank you.
Why do you
need this app?
Competitively Priced
MySQL Database
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