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Interactive Timeline-Pride and Prejudice by: Jane Austen

Outside reading project. Honors Assignment

alejandra martinez

on 27 November 2012

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Transcript of Interactive Timeline-Pride and Prejudice by: Jane Austen

Interactive Timeline of Events! The End. PRIDE AND PREJUDICE
BY: JANE AUSTEN Pride and prejudice was set in 19th century, the following events trace the major events in the life of the Bennets. QUICK SUMMARY -Charles Bingley rents the Manor known as Netherfield Park.
-Mr. Bennet chats with Mr.Bingley in interest to find out if available, and in search of wife.
-Mr.Bingley and his guests, (Brother-in-law, friend Darcy, and two sisters.) attend ball.
-Bennet sisters also attend ball with mother.
-Darcy insults Elizabeth Bennet at the ball, and Elizabeth dislikes Darcy.
-Bingley gets attracted to Jane Bennet.
Bingley sisters like Jane as well. November -Bingley's sisters attempt to befriend Elizabeth and Jane.
-Bingley still has interest in Jane, but Jane is pushing herself away to not get too attached.
-Darcy gets attracted toElizabeth.
-Mr.Bennets property must be passed on to a man after his death,and cannot be inherited by his daughters.
-Jane goes to Netherfield park for a day as an invitation. Mr.bennet sends her by horse, since it was raining Jane fell ill, forcing to stay with the bingley's.
-Elizabeth goes visit Jane, and since she is also soaked, Jane insists for her to spend night, and Bingley's accept.
Bingley sisters attack Bennet sisters making Mr.Bingley and Darcy defend the Bennets.
-Elizabeth sees Darcy as too demanding. December The events listed are the main events that happened between the chapters in the book. The months listed are just the months starting from the present month we are in, ending in October summarizing the last of the chapters. There was no specific date time listed in which these events happened. Just the thought that it was in the 19th century. January -Mrs.Bennet tries to convince Bingley to stay in Netherfield.
-Darcy wants to dance with Elizabeth while her mother plays a piano piece, she refuses, and that makes him even more attracted to her.
-Miss bingley does not like Darcy's attraction to Elizabeth, and tries to make fun of her family.
-Darcy tries to avoid Elizabeth on her final day in Netherfield. February -Bennets return from Netherfield. Mr. William Collins the one who will inherit Mr.Bennets property pays a visit to them.
Mr.William Collins apologizes for being the one who would inherit the house, but cannot contain his compliments on it.
-Mr.Collins is in search of a wife. Mr.Bennet says Jane is soon to be engaged, therefore leaving Mr.Collins focus on Elizabeth.
Mrs.Phillips (Mrs.Bennets sister) invites Bennets, and Mr.Collins next to a friend Mr.Wickham to dinner.
Elizabeth grows interest in Mr.Wickham, and Mr.Bingley invites neighborhood to a ball, in which Elizabeth looks forward to in seeing Mr.Wickham, but is forced to dance with Mr.Collins first.
-Wickham does not attend ball.
-Elizabeths relatives expose feelings, and thoughts. March Mr.Collins proposes to Elizabeth,she does not accept. Mrs.Bennet wants her to marry Mr.Collins, but Mr.Bennet does not causing Mrs.Bennet to get angry.
-Elizabeth sees Wickham and he apologizes for not attending the ball.
-Miss Bingley sends a letter to Jane saying that Mr.Bingley was planning to marry Darcy's sister.
-Elizabeth comforts Jane.
-Mr.Collins proposes then later to Elizabeth's friend Charlotte Lucas and she accepted. Elizabeth's mother gets furious.
Jane loses hope as she hears no word from Bingley. April -Miss bingley sent another letter complimenting Darcy's sister. Also stating Mr.Bingley will stay in London all winter making the Bennets lose hope.
-Mr.Bennet encourages Elizabeth to give Mr.Wickham a try.
-Mrs.Bennet brother, Mr.Gardiner pays the family a visit.
-Mr.Gardiner notices Jane sadness, tells her to come back with him, and family to London after they leave back.
-Jane quickly rises up in hope to seeing Mr.Bingley
-Mrs.Gardiner notices Elizabeth and Mr.Wickham have interest in each other. Although she herself does not approve since he lacks in money.
-Jane and the Gardiners leave to London.
-Elizabeth is now sad knowing that Wickham has fallen for another girl for money purposes, and she thinks if she would've had money, maybe Wickham would've been interested.
-Elizabeth then realizes Wickham was only in it for the money, and that maybe Charlotte was as well with Mr.Collins. Elizabeth then realizes she was never in love with Wickham. May Elizabeth visits Charlotte and new husband, Mr.Collins. Accompanied by Sir William Lucas.
--Spend a night with the Gardiners and Jane in London.
-Mrs.Gardiner continues to look bad upon Wickham, but Elizabeth still doesn't. The Gardiners invite her to a tour, and she accepts.
-Arrives at charlottes location. Also ends up seeing Miss de bourgh, Lady de bourghs daughter.
-Darcy and colonel Fitzwilliam pay a visit to their aunt in Rosings, meeting up with Mr.Collins and then visiting charlotte, and Elizabeth.
-Gets an invitation to Roslings. Colonel Fitzwilliam seemed interested in Elizabeth throughout the dinner.
-Darcy speaks on how bingley's time at netherfield is not much longer, when he leaves charlotte announces to Elizabeth that he may love her noting the way he called out on her.
-Elizabeth thinks darcy is behind the separation of Mr.Bingley and her sister Jane.
-Darcy proposes to Elizabeth, but she says no, blaming him for her sisters unhappiness. Darcy gets angry, and admits he was part of it, and leaves. June Darcy gives a letter to Elizabeth. In the letter Darcy once again writes on how he attempted to break Bingley and Jane's romance.
-Elizabeth learns not to trust Darcy, and her feelings toward him change to somewhat dislike.
-Darcy, and Fitzwilliam leave Roslings. Elizabeth also leaves a week later. Mr.Collins wishes Elizabeth happiness in her future marriage, that he himself has.
-After staying with the Gardiners Elizabeth and Jane both leave back home. Catherine and Lydia join them, and Lydia mentions that Wickham no longer is interested in Miss.King.
-Elizabeth reveals the truth about Wickham to Jane.
-Jane gets invited to stay a summer in Brighton by Colonel Forster's wife.
-Elizabeth see's Wickham once more, and they both briefly talk. Elizabeth does not reveal anything that she knows. July -Elizabeth accompanies Gardiners to a tour of Derbyshire Countryside, Somewhat close to darcy's manor. They all went to tour the estate, pemberley.
-Housekeeper, Mrs.Reynolds describes Darcy as the sweetest man, and Elizabeth is surprised to hear such things of the man she cannot stand.
-Darcy appears, and joins them in the walk. Elizabeth is embarrassed to be in pemberley after what had happened months later, telling darcy she had only come knowing he wasn't around.
-Darcy says he only arrived to prepare the house for the Bingley's and his sister Georgiana. He asks Elizabeth if she wanted to meet his sister, and she agrees.
-When he leaves the Gardiners think he is a good mannered man, nothing similar to what Elizabeth had said about him.
-Darcy and Georgiana visit Elizabeth. They invite Elizabeth and the Gardiners to dine at pemberley.
-Elizabeth and Mrs.Gardiner both visit Pemberely. Both Bingley sisters are there, and Miss.Bingley attempts to criticize Elizabeth to Darcy.
-Miss.Bingley says Darcy thought Elizabeth was rather pretty, and Darcy replies with him now thinking she was one of the most handsomest women of his own acquaintance. August Elizabeth finds two letters from Jane back at her inn. One saying Lydia ran away with Wickham, and the second saying no word has been heard about the two, and that they might've not married yet.
-Elizabeth panics thinking if Wickham does not marry Lydia, Lydia, and her family's reputation will go down.
-Elizabeth rushes to find the Gardiners, and encounters Darcy. She tells darcy what she knows, and he blames himself for not revealing Wickham secrets. Elizabeth also blames herself.
-Elizabeth then apologizes for leaving early, and her and the Gardiners leave back to Bennet home in Longbourn.
-Mr.Gardiner assures Elizabeth Wickham will marry lydia because he wouldn't want his reputation ruined either.
-Elizabeth tells them about Wickham's past behavior. Doesn't reveal details on Wickham's romance with Darcy's sister.
-Once home, Elizabeth finds out her father left to London in search of Lydia and Wickham.
-Mrs.Bennet blames Colonel Forster for not taking care of her daughter. Jane tells Elizabeth noone could've possibly find out about Lydia's attachment to Wickham. Jane and Elizabeth re-read the letter Lydia wrote to Colonel Forster, saying how she looks forward to sign "Lydia Wickham." September Mr.Gardiner also leaves to London. Sends a letter back to Longbourn saying that the search has been unsuccessful.
-Mr.Bennet returns back home. 2 days later, Mr.Gardiner writes back saying Wickham and Lydia have been found, and that Wickham will marry Lydia under the condition that the Bennets give him a small income.
-The Bennets agree not wanting to ruin their reputation.
-Mrs.Bennet gets happy knowing her daughter Lydia will marry. October Elizabeth's viewpoint on Darcy has changed. She comes to the conclusion that if he were to ask to marry him, she would accept
.-Mr.Gardiner writes to Mr.Bennet stating that Wickham has accepted pay in North of England.
-Lydia wants to visit her family before she goes with her new husband.
-Bennets allow Lydia and Wickham to stay at their home.
-Lydia mentions Darcy was in church for her wedding.-Elizabeth sends Mrs.Gardiner a letter asking for details.
-Darcy found Lydia and Wickham. He also paid Wickham the money.Lydia and Wickham leave for their new home. Bingley returns to Netherfield Park for few weeks.
-Darcy and Bingley join Bennets for dinner. Bingley pays much attention to Jane.-few days later, Bingley asks Mr.Bennet if he could marry Jane, and Mr.Bennet agrees. Jane gets really happy. November -Lady catherine de bourgh visits the Bennets.
-Lady Catherine tells Elizabeth she has heard a rumor stating Darcy is planning to marry eli.
-Lady catherine is not pleased, and talks bad towards Elizabeth and her family, Elizabeth defends her side, and insists her happiness is not to depend upon Lady Catherine.
-Lady Catherine leaves furious.
-Mr.Collins sends a letter to the Bennets saying an engagement is about to happen between Darcy and Elizabeth.
-Darcy and Elizabeth get engaged.
-Darcy and Elizabeth get married. Bingley then buys an estate in Pemberley.
-Elizabeth friends Georgiana Also gets on good terms with Miss. Bingley.
-Gardiners will always be considered close friends to Elizabeth and Darcy because they brought Elizabeth to Pemberley bringing her and Darcy together.
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