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Homosexuality Presentation

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Gayethiry Srinivasan

on 9 June 2011

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Transcript of Homosexuality Presentation

Homosexuality & Religion Shirleen’s literature review was based on the topic: Does religion affect a persons acceptance on homosexuality.
Gaye’s literature review was based on the topic: Are Teenage males more likely to be homophobic vs. Teenage females
Together we compared and contrasted the values and beliefs of adolescents towards homophobia and religion Homosexuality is a romantic and/or sexual attraction or behaviour among members of the same gender.
- Shirleen Datt

Homosexuality is a strong bond between two people of the same sex
- Gaye Srinivasan Homosexuality Homophobia Homophobia is a range of negative behaviours and feelings towards lesbians, gay, bisexual and sometimes transgender people. - Gaye S

It also includes hostile behaviours as heterosexist, dehumanizing homosexuals, denying their humanity, and dignity in soceity. - Shirleen D. Homosexuality has always existed and is not a new trending topic. It also reveals homosexuality is highly debated within religious community, which increases rates of homophobia Shirleen found 57% of people do not feel religion plays a significant role when making life decisions. However, Gaye found more males turned to religion when it came to their perceptions on homosexuality Males: What do you believe effects your perception on homosexuality? While researching Shirleen found, the acceptance of homosexuality among adolescence are rising due to the elimination or decreasing belief in religion
However, Gaye in contrast found adolescence are becoming more homophobic rather than accepting Shirleen found majority of young Canadians do in fact support gay marriage.
In regards to homosexuality, Canada is more progressive.
However, Gaye found homophobia is increasing in Canada Shirleen found young Canadians whom follow the Buddhist and Hindu faith are more accepting of those who are homosexual, rather than those who follow the three monotheistic faiths; Christianity, Islam and Judaism
Gaye found young Canadians whom follow the Hindu faith are not as homophobic Shirleen found some social acceptance among teenagers who hold negative attitudes towards gay men and women tend to, be less educated and show negative attitudes towards other minority groups
Gaye found homophobia rates are increasing in Canada. Gaye also found teenagers holding negative attitudes towards gay men and women tend to be less educated. Shirleen found young religious male teenagers show more positive attitudes towards homosexuals than young religious women
However Gaye found more males are negative towards homosexuals, which results in homophobia Shirleen reports many studies show there is an increasing acceptance of gays and lesbians among teenage males in Canada.
Gaye reports there is a decrease in acceptance of homosexuals in Canada and young teenage males are becoming more homophobic. Overall, Shirleen’s results shows the acceptance of gay men and lesbians among teenagers seems to be improving in Canada.

However, Gaye’s results show there is an increase of homophobia against of gay men and lesbians in Canada Shirleen’s results shows acceptance among teenagers are rising, and future generations will be more accepting and tolerant of homosexuals.
In contrast, Gaye found homophobia among teenagers are rising, and future generations will not be as accepting and tolerant of homosexuality.
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