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Follow this recipe

Liane Bradbrook

on 2 December 2014

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Transcript of Cupcakes

Follow this recipe to create successful and tasty Evidence: Your Recipe For Making Great Evidence What flavour do your customer want? Chocolate won't do if they want vanilla Test the question: is it really the right question? Go back to the customer and check what they meant & if its what they really want Talk to the person asking the question: what prompted the idea? What do they already know, What do they need? Select your ingredients: ime Cost quality When do you need the answer? Q T Break some Eggs: 250g Do you need to spend money to get a better answer quicker? Will a general idea do or does it have to be the perfect solution? What do we already know? check with colleagues
check our evidence base
check our library
check your external network
check the publications catalogue
check academic literature and journals
check ...
Mix well Cupcake as a formula? CC=(((B + S + V-2 (E x 2)+ (F + NaHCo3) temp*)Ts)+Tp doesn't really work... Use the 'right' compelling communications method for the right audience at the right time How good does it need to be? Plan Your approach Keep your customer informed of progress do the right level of planning for the job Involve other people as needed - remember there are some master bakers in the team Consider if you need addedflavour or expertise: economics, social behaviour? Get Baking! Bake for the appropriate amount of time until gently risen... Prepare your mix... Put some icing on the cakes 80 o C 20 minutes degrees Will this be delivered on time?
Some customers will want to see everything, but most won't. What level of information do they want delivered? Has anything changed over time? compelling communications Tell people you have cakes to share...
s p r i n k l e s Compelling communications is more than just the icing on the cake. You need to keep talking , sharing, and communicating with customers and audiences throughout the process ... only then will you know you have made a tasty cake and you'll know... ...which sprinkles will delight your customer Washing Up what did we learn?
what impact did we make?
what should we do differently next time?
The proof of the pudding is in the eating
is your customer satisfied?
follow it up ask the customer and ask for feedback
Share what we learned 1 80/20 rule Share the washing up /
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