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History of Computer Engineering

No description

Kimberly Sablan

on 4 December 2012

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Transcript of History of Computer Engineering

History of Computer Engineering By Kimberly Sablan Macbook Air IBM Personal Computer Father's input :D "Throughout the years of the evolution of computers, the best part I think that greatly improved would be the advancements."
"IBM 5150 is a pain in the ass an heavy as hell." Xerox Alto First computers made 21st Century '90 Computer 70's computer The Difference Machine. Conceived in 1786 by J.H. Muller
Rediscovered in 1822.
How was this, so called computer, used?
25, 000 parts.
Weighed tons (13,600 kg) Zuse 01 The Z1 was invented in 1936 by Konrad Zuse.
Used to explore groundbreaking technologies in a calculator development.
By 1941, Zuse completed the Z2, which was first fully electronic programmable digital computer.
Contained parts of a modern computer.
Works like a calculator.
Reads punched tape.
Unreliable in operation. First computer designed for individual use.
First desktop, mouse driven, and keyboard use.
Great influence on designs.
Butler Lampson, Douglas Engelbart and Chuck Thacker.
Massive Upgrade. Suitable for homes.
First computer that introduced the floppy disk.
Monocolor screen.
Some software available.
All code entry. Latest software
HD Camera.
Multi-touch trackpad. That's all folks!
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