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No description

Alvaro Fdez

on 22 February 2013

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Transcript of ARTHROPODS

characteristics Arthropods insects - 3 body parts:
.. head: a mouth, two eyes and two antennae
.. thorax: three pairs of legs
.. abdomen
- 1 or 2 pairs of wings
- can live on land or in water
- some of them can fly arachnids - two body parts: abdomen and cephalotorax
- four pairs of legs
- up to eight eyes
- live on land crustaceans myriapods - have long thin and segmented body
- many pairs of legs
- one pair of antennee
- live in dark damp places
- centipede and millipedes are myriapods summing up a.- largest invertebrate group
b.- external skeleton (exoeskeleton)
shed it and grow a new one
c.- divided into next groups: - two body part: abdomen and cephalotorax
- very hard skeleton like a shell
- two pairs of antennae
- five pairs of legs
- claws in the front pair of legs
ex.: lobsters, crabs, shrimps... crustaceans myriapods insects aracnids
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