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Copy of Granville T. Woods

No description

Tiffany Scherer

on 1 March 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Granville T. Woods

Married at last Granville T. Woods was born on April 23, 1856 in Columbus, Ohio to Tailer and Martha Woods. When was Granville T. Woods born? Childhood? Granville T. Woods had a disatvantaged childhood and
ended his childhood at the age of 10 to work at a machine
shop and earn money for his family and college. Granville lived with both of his parents and had 2 siblings: Laytes and Sydney Wood. Even as a kid Granville's hobby was inventing. He went to school?!?!? Granville had very little schooling as a kid but was determined to go to college, so he taught himself many things.Granvile T. Woods went to college from 1876-1878 at an East Coast College to study mechanical and electrical engineering. Later in his life ( not sure whata year) Granville Married Loretta Woods and they had one son named Jake Woods. By: Kaitlin Scherer Granville T. Woods You mean he used MATH?? Granville T. Woods used math in many ways while inventing the electric railway system. Granville had to caculate with
many different formulas to find speed and simple things like how much weight it
would hold. Most people don't know when he became an inventor, but the biggest invention he did was the rollercoaster. Career time!!! Granville T. Woods had many different careers
but as you know his largest one was being an inventor. Some of his other jobs were machinist, blacksmith, fireman and engineer! Granville T. Woods The Cyclone How can I Relate to him? I am kind of like Granville Woods because i like to invent things also but i prefer to do it in a different form. Important? He is very important and famous because he was an inventor and did very many good things and did not let anything get in his way. The End of his story Granville T. Woods died on January 30, 1910 at age 53 years, 9 months and 7 days. Citations: 1. Nagel, Rob. " Contemporary Black Biography". Answers.com. 2006. February 14, 2013

2. Stanton, Jeffery. " Coney Island- Roller Coasters, Westland.net 1998 & 2004. February 14,2013

3. " First Roller Coaster in America openns." History. Com. February 19, 2013 INTERESTING........ 1. Granville T. Woods was known as "Black Edison" 2.The "Cyclone costed 5 cents to ride
3.He was 7 feet tall
4. Went to school until the age of 10
5. Granville's full name was Granville Tailer Woods
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