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Teaming Principle 2: Everyone has a role

No description

Matthew Diffey

on 27 August 2013

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Transcript of Teaming Principle 2: Everyone has a role

Teaming Principle 2: Everyone Has a Role
Team Collaboration
Possible Roles
Decide for yourselves:

Leader: keep the team on track
Presenter: present work to class
Recorder: save and keep track of documents and media
Artist: create graphic designs
Videographer/Photographer: create images or video
Multimedia specialist: create presentation
Researcher: find materials and information

Group Task:
Create a commercial for a new product
Weight: 60 points
Delivery: Live presentation, video presentation, or audio presentation
Due: Wednesday, August 28th
Length: 1 to 3 minutes

Your group must agree upon one original product.
Use your imaginations - product can be fictitious.

1. Create a logo or icon for your product
2. Create a slogan
3. Complete "Product Description" document
4. Create 1 - 3 minute product commercial (live or recorded)
5. Create a print advertisement (sales flyer or brochure)

Upload your Product Description and print advertisement to the EAST Dropbox. Naming conventions:


Product Name: The Embedded Dashboard

Slogan: "Integrating humans and technology"

Innovation: A micro computer that is embedded under
your skin. Includes LCD screen, voice control, speakers,
WiFi connectivity, web browser, and MP3 player.
This project is about working together and assuming certain roles within your group. Your group must complete all the assigned tasks to receive full credit. Keep yourselves on track!
Objective: Students will agree upon their individual roles within a group project
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