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The New Media Landscape

Reshaping the media landscape.

Magdalena Georgieva

on 18 April 2010

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Transcript of The New Media Landscape

are changing Case Study: The 2008 terrorist attacks in Mumbai Use multiple platforms
for their daily information. they produce they consume London;s coffehouses LONDON Photos of the attacks from blogger "Vinu." @Dupree's tweet, quoted in major newspaper sites. and this impulse to participate in news exchanges shifted to the... Image credit: transCam Photo credit: practicalowl in new values they believe transparency
public empowerment Slashdot.com < for instance runs on votes & comments but Original reporting comes from newspapers: Core blogs news analysis Op/Ed pieces investigative reporting
fact-based news 1. bearing witness 3. investigating 2. following up Photo credit: sskennel and investigating. However, Photo credit: hitthatswitch It continues a legacy of established ethical standards. The Vietnam War of the 1960s and 1970s The Watergate Scandal Business options for
funding journalism: advertising? non-profit? pay-walls? local niche national = publications of specialized coverage. The landscape will become populated with Specialized news And the resulting conversations... Image credit: Matt Hamm + And though these are no coffehouses or post offices or church basements they will host the public discourse change our news reading habits: Photo credit: inju Enabling one's social network to assume editorial power. But Journalism's core mission to engage
the public in meaningful discourses. Photo credit: ToddSpargo + + = Twitter live updates news in a different way user-generated Google maps Won't radically change
the reader herself a hub for technology news or not? so much Creation of the Boston News-Letter can be performed by citizens and media enthusiasts require commitment that non-journalists rarely make & Declining ad revenues Advertisers reach their audiences directly: Emergence of
small non-profit Web-only news media, including: 17th Century Coffeehouses in England Muckraking journalism Professionalization of Journalism Meager budgets & limited news staff
in the digital age. Filed for bankruptcy newsworthy information Underground printing presses in Poland and investigating. Meaningful journalism requires following up due to or
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