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REthinking TTC´s

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Natalia Olij

on 15 December 2012

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Transcript of REthinking TTC´s

Natalia Olij and Kat Thorne Re thinking teacher training WHAT WILL COME OUT? Students who leave school and want to become teachers, usually go to one place to study where they continue to study as they did in high school, one teacher in front 'teaching' them what they should know to become good teachers according to their standards.
The current system education was designed for a different era, children learn the same way their great grandparents did and educational systems work the same way 150 years ago. We want to design an education for the 21st century that will give teachers the knowledge and skills to inspire and prepare learners for a successful future. A classroom without walls?

Technology being seamless?

Being able to differentiate learning for each individual?

Being a teacher and learner simultaneously?

Creative and independent thinking?

Learning without traditional boundaries? PROFESSORS Teachers fully ready to work with 21st century students using the technology many of them already know and offering them a window to knowledge through the use of it. CLASSES Forget the classes with a teacher were you have to go 8 hours to the same class. Classes will be taken in many different and various places taking into account the subject to be taught. You can take the courses at your own pace,
taking the time you need to really learn. You can participate while you´re at home, on holidays, from the cell phone. Professors will help students with their every need being able the whole time through the use of platforms and online communication tools. Will introduce students the educational technologies of the 21st century and let them experience with them and allow them to create with the tool. Professors who have been through
our educational programme will be able to train
these teachers. METHODOLOGY As said before classes will be taken in different scenarios. Students will have to assist the first class of every subject to meet the professor and their classmates and also to know the methodology of each of the courses and how is it going to work. students will participate in forums during the weeks were they will discuss about different topics along the course and will meet in person once in a while Evaluation will change according to the teacher, it can be to create something with an educational tool they have presented, give a class were they have to use what they saw during the course, create a tool, among many other things. Students can take the courses in their own paces, they will have within a period of time to finish the course but in that period they are free to choose how they want to do it. Teachers ready to confront any new challenge, with a variety of tools that allows them to deal with the challenges each class and school offers. Prepared people to work with another group of people and offer their knowledge not only of the different subjects but learn through an innovative method and capable of changing the way of teaching according to each group of students. People ready to confront reality and with the tools to make the best out of every case. THE INITIAL
PROBLEM WHO IS IT FOR? It is aimed for future teachers, but teachers who are already working and have finished their TTC can also do the course. They will not be validated any subject because, even though it can be the same topics treated, the pedagogy used in class will be completely different from the one they received so it will be a completely new experience WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN? They will experience being a 21st century learner which will encourage them to teach with an open frame on mind and ready to encounter with the challenges of each and every class. This is a career for teachers who want to become great teachers of the 21st century student. They will not only be professional in the knowledge they receive and the different theories existing at the time, but they will also be able to approach the learner from different perspectives offering them a richer more valuable and modern experience, by activating learning through technologies and challenging them with a new experience in education. WHEN and WHERE? When people who want to become a teacher finish their high school studies, they will be able to enter this TTC. Also people who have a degree already but want to continue studying and is interested in participating on this experience and becoming a true 21st century teacher, is welcome to join us. The idea is to have one main centre with this approach in every country and then to expand to smaller centres in each area where teacher training providers currently exist.. HOW? We will have people who are willing to present future teachers with current educational technologies and make them experience with them. Students at this university will be the main actors in their learning participating from home and being asked to do a number of assignments using the tool of the month. They will have to go once every 15 days to class where in the first one the educational technology is presented. They will see what is it, how is it usually used for, how can they use it with students and they will have workshops where they will be able to use it and experience with the tool. Also they will have to present a work on how to use it with their class, they can choose whatever grade they want, and make a presentation on how they will use it, the expected answer and after they presented it, they will have to go to a class of the grade they have chosen and do it to see if it actually works. We believe this will give students a feedback on how to work
with it and contrast what they thought will work with what it actually works.

Importantly these future teachers will not only experience learnign through these technologies but this will also stimulate organic thinking about being an activator of learning rather than someone who just provides information. HAVE YOU EVER IMAGINED? WHY WE WANT TO CHANGE? We believe teachers all over the world should master the new technologies and use them to create a desperately needed shift in culture. Education is not only about knowing the last pedagogical theories or about what to do with a class when things do not work. We believe education is also about activating learning using technologies that are a seamless part of the learning process. This way the teacher will not longer be statically "teaching" the same thing year over year, but will create an environment where the learning experience is real and valuable for students. This will allow students to feel that education is not to learn something that happen 100 years ago the same way their parents use to learn, but instead they will feel that learning is current and relevant. We want to create 'teacher training' that is about activating
learning combined with the face to face environment as well as the online world in order to give learners
not only a chance to succeed but also to learn in a more flexible and engaging environment. Suli Breaks "http://www.keek.com/!YBhKaab"
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