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How to create a Prezi

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on 27 May 2014

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Transcript of How to create a Prezi

How to create a Prezi
- The Prezi Zebra is one of the tools that Prezi has to offer...
The Zebra helps you
move text, pictures, zoom where you need to go,
and do many more things to help you with Prezi.
-Prezi offers many tools...
-You can also insert pictures and
Pictures and Video
To insert a picture or video
just go to the top of your screen and click insert...
-You can also make arrows and frames to put around your words...
You can you use frames to box in text... Click the insert Frames & Arrow button

You can insert an arrow the same way you
inserted the frame.
Click on any space to add text...
this box will appear...
A theme is the color of you background,
you get a theme at the top of the page also...
There are many
themes to
choose from...
Edit Path

You can edit the path
your presentation takes
by going to the top left
of your screen and hit
'Edit Path'...

PS: Prezi is updated every once in awhile
so some things may be a little different.
Animations allow you to
add fade-in's, fade-out's, and other cool fun stuff...
You simply add a frame and place items you want to animate in side said frame...
Then click edit path and add the frame, the star that appears next to the number the frame is is what you click
The animation you see below is a fade-in and
is on of the animations you can do...
In Prezi you can add little pictures
too. Simple got to the insert button and click Symbols & Shapes...
There are many items to choose from just like the STOP sign and the wink'y flags.
If you are lost on you prezi you can click on the home button and it will take you right back to your first slide.
At the top of the page there is a button with the word 'Undo' on it...
if you wish do 'Undo' an action click there.
Diagrams are
Circles and arrows that when placed go onto your path
Their cool if you need a quick and easy...
almost flow chart to add to your prezi
Simply go to Insert
and click Diagram.
You can pick from many different set ups.
Sharing your Prezi
You can Share your Prezi with people who also have a Prezi account. You can simply let them see your Prezi or they can help you edit it. To do so you need their e-mail that they used on their Prezi account.
Prezi will send them an e-mail and they can then edit your Prezi.
Background Music
You can place background music on certain slides or all through out your prezi, you could also add in a voice over so that your prezi is read out loud.
Just go to Insert and click 'add background music'
You can add all kinds of things to make your Prezi more interesting
you can also change the effects on your picture you simply click on the picture and click effects then it will ask you to enhance,effects, and frames see the difference
Saving Your Prezi
Your Prezi auto saves like every 10 minutes or so. but if you need to leave you can save manually save by clicking the button at the top that has the floppy disc symbol on it.
If you need video help with your Prezi you can easily find tutorials if you go to the drop down tab by the share button on the top right of your screen.
This will drop down and you can pick the option 'video tutorials'
Presenting your Prezi
Up in the top left hand corner you can click on the present button and your screen will go to 'Full Screen' and you can click the right arrow on your keyboard to go from slide to slide.
If you have an overhead you can put it up there to for more viewing.
Now its your turn. Go ahead and make your own Prezi, try new things and make it your own.

You can zoom in really far or go out really really FAR!
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