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Sex Trafficking in Atlanta, GA

Who would've thought Atlanta, GA was the number 1 capitol for sex trafficking . . .

Jessica Smith

on 15 November 2012

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Transcript of Sex Trafficking in Atlanta, GA

who would've thought Atlanta, GA was the number 1 capitol for sex trafficking. . . Sex Trafficking in Atlanta, GA
Jessica Smith What is the purpose of capturing
girls as sex slaves? What are the motives for capturing young girls?
How will I execute my research?
I will read numerous of books, newspaper articles, and
search various websites about sex
trafficking in Atlanta, GA. Introduction Central question The main issue with sex trafficking is knowing what to look out for and not going anywhere
by yourself. also being aware of your surroundings and make sure you don’t make yourself
look like a target. Research the areas that are mostly affected by sex trafficking. The importance of
knowing where and who are being captured as sex slaves, may save someone’s life, because they informed themselves on the dangers of sex trafficking. Statistics Sources Conclusion I’m not sure what my conclusion is, because
I have not finished my paper yet, but I'm sure my conclusion will be reasonable knowing that I did the proper research
to answer my central question about sex trafficking in Atlanta, GA. •In Georgia,12,400men purchase sex with young women in a given month; more than 27,000 men purchase sex with young women in Georgia more than once per year.
•Approximately 100 adolescent females are sexually exploited each night in Georgia.
•In Georgia, adolescent females controlled by the child sex trafficking trade are sexually exploited by an adult male on an average of three times per night.
•42 percent of men who buy sex either seek out young girls or are willing to disregard all signs that the woman they are about to have sex with is an adolescent.
•82.1 percent of victims in sex trafficking incidents were identified as U.S. citizens.
•40.4 percent of all suspected trafficking incidents were child-related and classified as "prostitution or sexual exploitation of a child". The Human Trafficking Project: Mission."Traffickingproject.org
"Douglas County Sentinel - Keeping Kids Safe Human Trafficking Forum Informs on Dangerous Trend."
Duluth Man Indicted for Sex Trafficking of 16-Year-Old - Gwinnett, GA Patch."
Not for Sale: Groups Fight Atlanta Sex Trafficking
Sex Trafficking in Atlanta: A Survivor's Perspective PublicSquareAtlanta
Onevoiceatl. "Atlanta's Sex Trade Problem."
Combating Human Trafficking and Modern-day Slavery.
"Sex Trafficking: A Hard Reality in Atlanta
. <http://www.gsusignal.com/news/sex-trafficking-a-hard-reality-in-atlanta-
Atlanta...Sex Trafficking: The Chilling Statistics."
Man Who Operated Sex Trafficking Ring Sentenced to Life in Federal Prison Soloman Mustafa Used Violent Sex Acts
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