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Early Modern Unit Timeline

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Tom Conroy

on 28 January 2014

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Transcript of Early Modern Unit Timeline

Early Modern Unit Timeline
Founding of the Ottoman Empire

They captured Constantinople in 1453 and were a major power in the Middle East and Eastern Europe until WWI. It was similar to

Ming Dynasty begins in China

The Ming followed the collapse of the Mongol Yuan Dynasty and created
Beginning of the Atlantic Slave Trade

This displaced African populations, making African civilizations mainly female while making African population much larger in the
Russians win independence from Mongols

Under Ivan III of Russia, the Tatars were expelled from Russian land, and he created the Russian Tzar.
First Europeans land in the "New World"

Christopher Columbus landed in San Salvador in the name of the Spanish and mistakenly believed it to be SE Asia. The Spanish then found the land was "new" and claimed it for the crown.
Treaty of Tordesillas

Under Pope Alexander VI, a line was drawn from North to South and
Vasco da Gama's Voyage to India
1497 - 1498

His success led to the Portuguese receiving luxury clothes and spices easier and yearly voyages to the Indian Ocean. The Portuguese wanted to
Martin Luther's 95 Theses

Martin Luther nails his 95 Theses to the door of the Church in
Magellan circumnavigates the globe
1519 - 1522

During this trip, the Spanish claimed the Philippines and
Start of the Anglican Church (Church of England)

Henry VIII created his own church because the Catholic Church would not let him divorce his wives in order to find one that would give him a male heir. It was a form of protestantism.
First British colony settled in North America

This is not Jamestown, Virginia. The English under the Virginia Company of
Christianity banned in Japan

Christianity was banned in Japan because they felt worried about what the Christians were going to do, such as what they did in the New World.
Reign of King Louis XIV
1643 - 1715

"I am the state."
He was a proponent for absolute monarchy in France during his reign. He was a large patron of the arts and gave government a part in a large amount of cultural advances.
Life of Peter the Great
1672 - 1725

Peter the Great is most famous for his Westernizing reforms during his rule as Tzar of Russia (such as the beard tax). He expanded Russian territory and also increased the Tzar's control.
Great Britain abolishes slavery in the West Indies (Caribbean)

Under the Slavery Abolition Act of 1833, slavery was abolished throughout the British Empire (except in locations owned by the BEIC.
but the Pope ain't one
a larger
examination system than ever before in China. China had a larger population than every other civilization at the time.
Americas. The trade
became part of Triangular Trade and also created the Middle Passage.
The Russians slowly became independent from their Mongol overlords after being tax collectors.
everything unclaimed to the West is Spain's and everything unclaimed to the East is Portugal's. This was to make everything clear about boundaries.
find their own way to the Indian Ocean after Columbus's "success" going West.
Wittenberg, Germany protesting the Catholic Church's use of indulgences. This is said to be the catalyst of the Protestant Reformation in Eastern Europe.
the Earth was PROVED to be round. Magellan died in the Philippines, but it became a Spanish colony.
Hideyoshi was the ruler of the Tokugawa Shogunate and openly persecuted Christian missionaries and converts.
London in order to catch up to the Spanish and Portuguese level of exploration earlier in the Early Modern period. It was in Virginia inside of the Chesapeake bay on the James River. This goes on to be part of the 13 American colonies by England and becomes part of America.
to the other Islamic empires before them.
The economy did not suffer that much from the change.
Tom Conroy
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