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Task: To evaluate the quality of my performance and, using biomechanical terms and principles, provide suggestions as to how the performance could be improved.

Laura Lacey

on 21 April 2013

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BIOMECHANICS BADMINTON Clairvaux mackillop College PHYSICAL EDUCATION Laura Lacey WHAT IS OVER HEAD CLEAR An overhead clear is an effective shot as it is the most common shot used when playing Badminton. The overhead clear can be used in various situations throughout the match, for example; it can be used as a defensive stroke when the shuttle is struck high and down towards the back of the court giving you time to recover your position, restable your base or to slow the match down. SUMMATION OF FORCE CENTER OF GRAVITY BIOMECHANICS? Biomechanics is the science concerned with the examination of forces acting on and within a biological structure and the effects produced by such forces. It can play an essential role in analyzing and improving an athlete’s performance.

The Summation of Force for the overhead clear generates power from the knees then travels through the hips, torso, shoulders, arm, wrist and the force is then released via the racket. Using critical analysis of my shot it was evident that there was a lack of force produced; a force is defined as an action on an object that affects its motion or lack of motion. PREPARATION PHASE STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES STRENGTHS WEAKNESSES The preparatory phase involves movements that get the player ready for the force-producing movements in the execution phase - My base of support appears adequate and suggests that I obtained good balance and stability. The Sequential order of my body segments prior to contact is a major weakness (severely minimizes generated force and momentum throughout the execution phase) EXECUTION PHASE The "critical instant" is the point of contact (or the release) of the movement. STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES STRENGTHS WEAKNESSES - My base of support, enabling my performance to remain stable and balanced upon execution. - Weight transfer; , proves to be a positive impact on my performance allowing myself to generate a greater force and momentum throughout the clear - Summation of forces proves to be inadequate (elbow does not reach its full extension before the movement of my wrists) CONCLUSION “The primary purpose of biomechanics is to evaluate a living organism’s motion as well as its application of force.” (Biomechanics, 2010) Biomechanical principles such as laws of mechanics and physics apply to the study of bodily movements both internally and externally to improve various badminton shots. Thorough knowledge of biomechanics is highly regarded as it enables not only coaches but players, to evaluate and build exercises to help improve or alter their performance, enabling them to achieve various goals in a quick and safe way. In my own badminton performance I applied multiple principles effectively with some still needing adjustments. I was partially effective with force of summation as I was able to push the opponent to the rear of the court but because the shuttle was moving so slowly, it was not to my greatest potential and further improvement could be made to my centre of gravity. With background research of these techniques, I am able to analyse and compare my present technique with that of my model target. Although the clear is not my weakest shot, I felt it was the most fundamental shot in my play. I will be analysing still shots of my over hand clear, enabling me to identify my strengths and weaknesses. This will then allow me to evaluate to help make a judgement of the biomechanical principles I could be including in my technique to improve my performance of this particular shot. Playing badminton by properly following basic biomechanical principles helps in the following ways.
1. Minimize reaction time, thereby giving extra time in responding to opponent's shots.
2. Aids in playing attacking badminton because by aligning the line of gravity to the canter of gravity, pivoting and mobilizing the body to play various shots becomes easy.
3. Helps in avoiding injuries arising from overuse or misuse. (Badmington Information , 2012) My body positioning before I began the trunk rotation is at an angle, not on the side as my body should have been and although my wrist and arm is flexed, I don’t have optimal flexion. If i did produce the optimal flexion of my levers, I would produce more force. There was also a large lack of force behind my shot due regarding my height of release. An improvement could be made with this so I have a greater follow through and in doing that, I will produce more force and mass behind the shot. The rule that applies to this action is the rule of force = mass x acceleration or f=ma. Segments need to be performed fluently and sequentially in order to work effectively To achieve the benefits of the biomechanical principle; centre of gravity, during play I would have to take a crouching stance to lower my centre of gravity, with my legs apart to widen the base of my support. I need to avoid lifting my arms unnecessarily above head level, which raises the centre of gravity and wear good friction rubber soled sports shoes to further stabilize myself during play. Having a solid standing structure and having the body kept straight is very critical as your body is your centre of gravity and that you’re base gives much more control to the shot as you are positioned and ready to receive the shuttle. The mishits are a result of finding it difficult to control the trajectory of the shuttle because of my poor centre of gravity. “As athletes become more and more unbalanced, they lose control and find it more difficult to complete a desired task.” (Academy, 2002-2010) Thus meaning, if I control and maintain the correct positioning of my centre of gravity, it will enable me to balance. This then assists me to shuffle back and get into the shot to generate a great amount of power to push the opponent backwards, giving me optimal time to prepare for the returning serve and or to hit a win. BADMINTON BALANCE TRAINING Importance of balance and center of gravity My biomechanical analysis consisted of; analysing my pre filmed shot by applying biomechanical principles. From this, I was able to identify several strengths and weaknesses within my performance My lack of timing and sequencing was poor use of summation of force which disadvantaged me in various ways, including the generation of power for my shots. If i follow the basic biomechanical principles that apply to badminton, i will be well on my way to be just like him
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