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Ancient Rome Prezi

This is about Ancient Rome

Tony Grucello

on 25 February 2013

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Transcript of Ancient Rome Prezi

Ancient Rome IT'S OLD Thousands of years ago, Ancient Rome was a thriving supercity that covered most of the Middle East Rome's first civil war came between their 2 social classes, plebeians and patricians (rich and poor people) The Republic (Government)
mostly favored the patricians
which lead to conflicts between
the 2 social classes The Republic eventually gave in
to the plebeians' demands and
allowed them more say in the
affairs of the state Although, the plebeians soon had
more say in the government than
the patricians, so there had to be
a huge change in government So the Republic fell... And the Empire was
born Meanwhile,
in Carthage... There was a Great General
named Hannibal who wanted
to ride elephants into Rome Although, his plan failed,
Rome, in return, visited
Carthage and destroyed
everyone and everything
in it Rome Come at
me! Now before Rome
was a republic,
it was a kingdom Although, the Romans had a
very bad king and no one liked
him... You are a bum, sir So the Roman people
had a group of people rule
instead so they didn't have
to rely on one person And thus, the republic was
born The Mediterranean was
a very important area because of all the trade,
religions, and traditions.
Christianity spread
rapidly and became the
most popular religion in
the world Before Christianity, mostly, Romans
believed in many gods and goddesses, such
as Jupiter and Mars. Although as Christianity
and Judaism became more popular, tensions
rose between the monotheistic and
polytheistic people. The Jews would not praise the emperor,
so the Romans went to war with them,
and defeated them. Later, when Jesus was
crucified and preformed many miracles, even more people converted to
Christianity. So eventually..... Rome followed Christianity as a whole The whole Mediteranean changed because of Rome's development. They helped spread Christianity, helped neighboring nations,
and also took over some. Rome was a big part of who we are
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