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All you need to know about Australia's creature. :) Information and pictures from Wikipedia.org :)

Sarah Wilson

on 2 May 2011

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Transcript of Dingoes

Dingoes Canis lupus dingo Dingoes, also known as Warrigals, live in the continent of Australia. Communication Dingoes have a phonetic communication, or whimpers and growls rather than loud barking like dogs. It is nearly impossible to get a wild dingo to bark more by getting it in with domestic dogs. Dingoes can react by movement commands, unlike wolves. Reproduction Dingoes breed once every year. Only the alpha-pair breed. Female dingoes can go in heat twice a year. Wild dingoes begin to breed at two years. Pups At three-four weeks, dingo pups can leave their den and explore. Dingo pups learn from observation from their mothers. Home Dingoes are most commonly found in Northern Australia. Dingoes also live in Thailand and other Asian countries. The only places dingoes aren't in is in Southeast and a spot in Southwest Australia. Good-bye!
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