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A free Prezi CV / resume template for self promotion. Your classical paper CV is presented on a wooden desk with a pen and cup of coffee. All the elements are movable. Resume includes personal information, education, work experience and place for por

anibal yeh

on 5 July 2014

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Transcript of CV

Name: Anibal Yeh
Date of Birth: 18 Jun. 1985
Tel: +886 982 121 974
Email: anibal.yeh@gmail.com
About me
Bachelors Degree 2003-2007
NCCU Business Administration
High School 2000-2003
HSNU Class No 1004
2013 Digital River

Maintain 300+ SQL Server instances. Successfully developed a fully automated SQL Server administrative script with an Erlang spawn/receive style.
When I need to analyze the logs on every instances, it is just similar with the MapReduce. The head node will just spawn threads to the data nodes concurrently. At last, all results will be aggregated/reduced quickly with advantage of data-computing-power locality.

2011 Corning Taiwan MI Project
ETL Designer / Developer

Planned, designed and developed the parallel ETL procedures and SSIS packages between Oracle and SQL Server. The main package was also asked to implement in Tainan and Beijing ETL projects.
The best part is all ETL process are automated. My design was highly configurable that a system analysis with full consideration was performed. I added all possible ETL functions they may be needed in a two year period.

2010 DUPONT Co. Ltd.
DSS Developer

Developed a production volume regression analysis and forecasting system (C#). The calculation is based on all historical PO information (input data) and a semi-empirical predictive algorithm.
Thanks for your time!
Here is a quote Thomas Aquinas,
To one who has faith, no explanation is necessary. To one without faith, no explanation is possible.

ㄇMy faith is just doing what I love
ㄩWhen I learned about management science first, I thought traditional linear programming / dynamic programming is cool and it offers precise solution excepts the solution set is large and the IO are complex.

That gives me the feeling of determination that I have the power to control. But soon after it I just found another world, the AI part.
ㄩAI was oriented from DSS many years ago, DSS were usually rule based that time.
ㄩThen after that, I was fascinated by bio-mimetic methodology. For example, ant colony system / particle algo / SAOA / gene algo bring up the new era of bio-inspired computing.
ㄩThat means we have more powerful tools toward JSP / tour problems.
ㄩIn the other hand, we have more tools able to combine to develop more accurate intel system.

I used to calculate these model through Mathematica, and it's my favorite math software.

I am fearless when I need to implement these by hard coding. When I was developing a BI system, it would be very possible having to know more then twenty dimensions in one project as well.

And AI is also a modeler.

My faith, interest and
AI: DSS, Machine Learning, Data-mining, BI, Bio-mimetic...
Let the powerful machine
for us,
the info,
the insight,
the whole picture and aid the
Learn for us: machine learning
def: give a repeatable protocol/algo/procedure to machines and they learn
algo programming
6yr in C#, 2 yr in F# & C, 1 yr in Mathematica & R
3yr in SQL Server/SSIS ETL & Hadoop recently
software application:
ANN / decision tree / sequence clustering in R & SSAS
Information retrieval
def: provide a system able to query info by anyone/any bot
A SCM system usually contains complex data sets/parameters/plots...
Information retrieval
ERP/EDI report design/delivery
3 yr in SSRS
1.5 yr in Power Pivot
/Power Map
/Power View
(advance Excel analyzing function)
Generate Insight
def: information is a mess, but intel/insight is the conclusion
highlight the critical hidden info
3 yr in SSAS OLAP
& SSAS/R data-mining tools
BI/DSS does not generate "new data", but purifies & extracts intel
Ceiling And Visibility Unrestricted
Ignored JD items: (
the most difficult...
Broad understanding of (
NXP/semiconductor industry
) business and (
) systems processes
Strong analytical skills; ability to effectively analyze, investigate and quickly resolve (
manufacturing/quality control/quality assurance/inventory...
) issues
Operational skills:
utilization of the tools & well learned methodologies

Empirical skills:
instincts oriented from OLAP development experiences,
effectiveness from attention to detail & patient to observation,
quickly reaction from a rail to rail paradigm of systems
My plan to hunt down the most difficult part of the JD...
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