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the rain forest

all about the rainforest!!

destanie eastman

on 12 May 2010

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Transcript of the rain forest

this is an animal of a chemilion resting on a rain forest tree this is a tree frog resting on a tree in the rainforest a cologe of some animals that live in the rainforest the rainforest is known for the amount of rain it gets each year thus geting the name rainforest Because of the location near the equator, the temperature is consistent, between 70-90 degrees - with lots of rain - year round Rainforests are the homes to many types of birds, monkeys, cat like mammals, reptiles, insects, diverse flowers, hard wood trees, and medicinal plants.
The forest is made of three layers, the ground story, covered with foliage, roots and ground dwelling animals, the understory, where small plants, trees, and many animals live, the canopy, where large treetops, birds and other flying animals are found what plants grow in the rainforest?
all of them:P
(hahaha):D no serously mostly trees grow in the rainforest! this is the land scape and a river a mosey green inviroment helps most animals hide from preditors this is a nice grassy place where most animals may come to drink as they hide from preditors some more plant life the rainforest has influenced most people and pochers
it has influenced people because of the animals and people who realy like the trees and the animals some times the will tie them selfs to a tree and try to make the people who cut down trees to not cut down the tree the rainforest!!! by:destanie eastman HOPE YOU INJOYED THIS PREZI!!BYEE!!
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